A player who gets access to the & # 39; Vault 63, & prays at Fallout 76, Bethesda does not have a & # 39; use of the building


The FBI is on their way

Map Unlock (Open)the current situation is even more unusual than you think. In addition to everything that is hosted as a band like Bethesda and & # 39; trying to take them squash, there is another big case: to imitate it. Although there are old coaters who can be classified as black and white as 90s-era 56K trains, and other settings, they are good, green.

You can change your settings at any time. Continue to adjust your settings Find out more BBC Accessibility Help Accessibility BBC Guide News Sport Weather TV Radio More More BBC Search BBC More News Sport Weather TV Radio Na-Bho Map Unlock (Open) Very dangerous, those situations will happen all the time, and # 39; including the latest McStaken player event.

Returning to reddit, McStaken says they were in a position; "Rad-Rat Horde" event (public event on the world map) when they were inserted into the corridor 63: a previously locked place on the & # 39; A map that opened many of them later a date. They took pictures of everything and sent a ticket to Bethesda, hoping that their account would not be converted and subsequently banned.

After almost a day of waiting at Bethesda Community Manager, they saw the job and said they were "divided [the info] with the team. "They look safe, and if this situation is proofing anything, that is to use a megaphone to cover your ass and to describe on the fish to make sure you're right. Map Unlock (Open) One of the biggest, only online games to date, and what's needed to & # 39; Falling on the players to make sure they are not punished.

This is one for the record books: the journalist for this project is read very well.

He earned it fairly to Coverage 63. Put a Vault-Tec rescue party [Reddit]

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