A polio secrecy virus is similar to neurological causes too. For good health


Dr Roach Dear • I read about a sickness known as a medium-colored myelitis that is screaming scientists. Is not this just polio renamed? – V.A.

Response • Mechanical myelitis is a genuine medical secret. But polio does not produce a & # 39; current break, however. Many people describe "polio-like" as it causes sudden symptoms of patients, especially weaknesses and especially in young babies, just like polio before accept the & # 39; vaccine. However, poliovirus needs to be found that poliovirus is detected, and those currently affected by the test, and not poliovirus.

It was the last case of polio that came from the United States in 1979. Polio vaccine is still important, however, since it is possible to take a passenger from one of the few places where still wild polio.

A breakdown of a droma crash in the United States and Canada has fallen every fall for years; However, it appears to be increasing in frequency from 2014. It is still a rare disease, on a one-million basis per year.

A virus related to a poliovirus called an D68 enterovirus, which is suspected of being one of several reasons for intense flaccid martyrdom. Another suspicious purpose lies in the West Nile Violence. The Centers for Disease Control and Disease Prevention tests are from children who are affected by the condition and they have not found a single reason consistently.

There is no special remedy for AFM, just as there is no cure for polio when it affects illness. Supportive treatment in the first stage, and physical remedies and a role when they cause behaviors are the same remedies.

Dr Roach Dear • How effective a vaccine is & # 39; Flu for people aged 65 and over? – L.F.G.

Response • We do not want to be as much, but still much better than everyone.

A flu vaccine is created every year based on the best knowledge available on different ways that are infected. circulated. It was estimated that a & # 39; The vaccination for 2017-2018 was about 40 per cent effective, which meant that people who had received a vaccine; 40% vaccine more likely to have to get a doctor for their flu.

Every year I listen to people who Give reasons without sending to & # 39; flu. For those who say that they never caught the fish and did not get their & # 39; flu, I say you only need flu only to be very ill. For those who say that it is not completely effective, I mean that I will reduce your risk by 40% still worth a few minutes of the problem; time and arm bad for a day, that is the most common answer.

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