A political opinion of Pollo Valdivia and Julián Elfenbein in the "Pasapalabra" debate was created in TV networks and Scenes


Tonight this morning Pasapalabra It was included with the interest of four famous people: Juan Carlos Valdivia, Gianella Marengo, Daniela Castro and Bernardo Borgeat.

But, at this time, he was Julián Elfenbein and the person of Claudia Conserva; and played it when playing the musical track.

The animator began to say that it was the 1972 song, however, no one was allowed. He later said that some of the words were saying "to sing a song".

"The song is a classical classic"He said before one of the final minds, however, did not have a correct answer.

"Name of the song but said in other words: unrelated", he was a captain of the Orange team, the person who believed that he was the subject Free of charge, by Nino Bravo.

At that time, the & # 39; Chicken is a controversial song; in which the animator sent him "Bochda used in Chile".

"The Mustache Arrocet Sing at the Viña Festival in 1974"Valdivia sent him, and Elfenbein gave him a few minutes to explain what he was.

"Nino Bravo, a Spanish singer who died in a traffic disaster, was sung by Bigote Arrocet in the year 74 at the Viña Festival, and then sang LIbre, when the doctor A military had been running for several months, it seemed to have been a support for the purpose. Then it was a period of conflict and he criticized "explained Juan Carlos.

Here, we will show some of the shared ideas made among fans; program.

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