A portrait for the blind and an eye-catching sight


How many books are there on book shelves, children's rooms and girls? No number, is not it? What about writing books for children with limited vision problems? Only three are available in Slovene's bookstores, fitted with typical elements, braille and Slovene text in a larger standard format, saying Nina Schmidt, librarian at the IRIS Center (Center for Education, Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Advice for Blinds and Visual Laws). "In our library, we have only 150 tipkeads, all in one copy, because they are made by hand."

Most of its attention was given to the selection of materials.

Now they are richer for a special product, penguin tip and secular hand, permanent work product and the heart shape of the tuition Mateja Jerina Gubanc, prof. mag. before. Vodmat Kindergarten education in Ljubljana, who has been running a casino on the children's department in the zoo for many years. She said Penguins was the first tipand Slovene and a picture book, which also has black and white illustrations, which inspires every child's visual understanding, Despite visual or completely healthy problems. "Conflict is very useful especially for children with focusing difficulties, and seeing clear, clean forms. A list of respite and respite photos inspires research, reflection, discovery."

The Mateja Jerina Gubanc material will fill a large gap in the education of blind children. PHOTOS: UKC Ljubljana

Mateja Jerina Gubanc already works with her colleagues in two types: Meta, eye doctor (author Manca Tekavčič Pompe) and Chicken Pike (with the author's permission Marjana Mančka) used at the clinic center and in the IRIS Center, and Penguins are a & # 39; her first autobiography. The mission of Mateja and his colleagues is not easy, because he works with blind and children with an eye-catching eye, even with an unborn, very challenging child, but also a distribution – all their progress is doing very lucky.

The next year for everyone

At this important achievement show, Mateja's honest commitment to blind and part-sighted children's education, which was clarified with knowledge of development and theology of psychology, and knowledge, emphasized the leader of Kindergarten Vodmat Marta Korošec, who was the head of the clinic program. dr. Brigita Drnovsek Olup and Head of Children's Department doc. dr. Manca Tekavčič Pompe.

In manufacturing, they dealt with the majority of materials that keep games, sand, land, grass, so large water & as possible.

The same handwritten copy of the Penguins will be given to the IRIS Center, "the second copy is in production, and we use it at their clinic and in the nursery, as it is more easier to enter blind world with the top, "said the author. help her, they are Andrej Adamek, The Janja Hana Jamnikar, The Maja Weixler, The Manja Žugman, The Robert ResmanAfter-hours how many hours they put in to create the Penguins, they did not; counted, but indeed enough. Everything is done by hand, in theory and in particular, as it is specifically designed for children with no vision (good), so they need to raise awareness of other senses , especially the kind.

Content and help pictures promote research, thinking, expert.

In manufacturing, they were concerned about selecting materials that make gems, sand, land, grass, so large water & as possible …. These books are hard and expensive to print (special attachments, braille, preservation, all copies must complete books …), that is why They are particularly unique, but next year the Penguins will be accessible to a wider circle of readers, despite the hardestness of it; In the media, the project decided to support the Lekarna Ljubljana Publishing House.

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