A post-age poster was healthy and decoded


What makes healthy food?

Age itself is a dangerous risk to many illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Exercise and a healthy diet are often a ban. But what makes it healthy, healthy and healthy is why and why it can still broaden its life expectancy in many respects. An international research team has taken a big step in resolving the problem.

International researchers with the Greifswald University partnership have all used state-of-the-art technology to develop a way of measuring changes in proteins. Changed proteins play an important role in improving the conditions of disease and becoming healthier. By measuring these changes, the team want to resolve the mystery about becoming healthy. The research findings were produced in the recent edition of "Nature Communications".

Why are some people suitable to be old and not others? Researchers have been exploring this mystery for more than 90 years. The recent decisions speak for the amino servant who is a particular part of old age. (Image copyright: Ljupco Smokovski / fotolia.com)

Grow 90 years of research

In the early 1930s, researchers in rats have identified that mammals have reduced their introduction to lesser competition. Today, it is not only the number of calories, but also the food produced for the positive side of the life cycle and condition of health that has been caused. However, it is not yet understood what basic strategies will change these impacts at the generic level, however. In the last ten years, rapid growth of massive mass has been the focus of much exploration of the age process which identified the amino phenomenon as a key factor in a healthy age.

What is the lysine amino amini to grow old?

The lysine is an amino acid within proteins. It acts as a construction block for many different proteins and is found, for example, in an enzyme, in blood plasma, in antibodies, hormone, bone, skin, tomb and in the hide. Because the body cannot produce a lysine itself, the acid must have an amino taken over with the diet. As the researchers report, there are changes in proteins in diseases such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. These changes in particular affect a plant. While the disease is undergoing, there are chemical changes associated with this amino acid, which will change the original job at the whole protein. According to the research team, the promotion of serious diseases is promoted.

A new way is making adjustments to the measurement

"So far, the sums of this change have not been able to be fully proven in the lysts in all the proteins in a cell," explains Professor Donald, the head of learning. med. Mike Lammers in news of the findings of the survey. This is now possible with the new approach. As a result, it is possible to find the sites that are suitable and which have been converted to diseases.

Is the pile healthy for getting old?

“We will now be able to find comprehensive proteins promising for a thermal approach," including Professor. Researchers believe there is a potential for simulating positive effects t a healthy diet with an active ingredient without requiring strict control of the diet (G) t

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