A pretty picture of a beach: a woman is a Destroy quickly – but she has all her reasons


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Blue turquoise sea, white sandy beach, a white bikini woman: the very good situation. But although everything is taken on camera, a woman knocked.

Fitness model Michelle Lewin traveled to the Bahamas for a photograph. In the magnificent view of the Tràigh Pig by Lewin for his camera. But everything turned quite differently.

A model wants to stand with pigs on the beach – then she & she; run away to crack

The island that people do not live with the beautiful turquoise waters and the It was a sandy appearance; in white sandy beaches, And then surrounded by cute pigs! He could not be a bit; best, the model may also be thinking.

But then the bucket turned so beautifully to be so limited: Although Lewin was in a white bikini on the beach she was doing for her; camera, probably a bad pig. Without her case, she turned to her; model and you were stuck in the hips, The whole item was captured on the video and posted with Instagram module:

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Video: love bites? Pumping on a Model-Po pig

When the model looks wide, you can see fear that a & # 39; young woman suddenly on the front of the pigs. It may not be completely unsuitable: In the tables, you can see how red tweets appear on their backside very passionate, The

But the accident was not big enough for that Share videos with 13.4 million fans, And they all get involved very differently. Between thousands of laughter pledges, such comments are, "Can you catch their pigs – it's like it's a food!"

Write another: "Whats know what to do."And another man said unfortunately:" The pig should be done much more, affectionate. "

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