A priest was arrested in flagrante delicto with a daughter in Maracaibo


Church of Mary Immaculate Church, located in La California, north of Maracaibo, was arrested at night on Saturday November 24th for keeping up close relationship with a 12 year old daughter, policing police authorities

The theme was marked as Iván Merino Padial, who had retained the girlfriend for several months, once he had done a lot in the church of María Immaculate, according to the residents of El Naranjal's development.

"The girl kept for a long time with the priest, who came late at night at her house," said a neighbor who did not want to be celebrated. In the church they did not provide information. They were arrested when he was The Zulia State Police (Cpbez) was in motor defense work in El Pilar Urbanization.

She was learned that the girl, as well as giving up the adult priest, went to her; engage in public conversations through social networks and received gifts from her. He asked her "daughter." In this section, its case is & # 39; affect neighbors and they want to report an irregular situation in which children are involved.

One of the police officers believed that a Volkswagen was a green car with his / her; Plock AA622OY which was parked for a long time. According to the authorities report, two players were out of their & # 39; internal carriage, and then, when the authorities dropped the citizens of the car and one of the citizens was a 12-year-old daughter.

Then a telephone was sent to her mother, who appeared in police co-ordination and was sent to the Public Finance Office 32 regarding Child Protection and Young People.

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