A psychologist gives 5 tips for better sleep if you give up the PSU Life


Those who are eligible for the University Selection Test (PSU), as the date of entry, are likely to be a & # 39; sleep less, hard, difficult, stress.

As a result, the psychologist and the hypnotherapist, José Luis Rojas, give suggestions on how to get a good sleep. "Sleep hygiene is always important, especially for young people who perform the PSU", he says.

"Comparing the use of their computer, the memory that can be found during the reorganization of the survey so that it can be stored in the long run, it remembers RAM to be on set in the hard disk ", which describes the psychologist as a means of such.

And he says: "This process of memory is happening during sleep, they are pieces and they will be part of the student's luggage."

In the same way, Rojas describes what he is doing; means sleep hygiene is good.

– Keep the necessary times and at night
– Leave a body before you sleep
– Extending to & # 39; body (such as dogs and cats) when they wake up
– Do not use sleeping drugs
– Stop electronic and electronic equipment
– Sleep in a dark room

José Luis Rojas also recommends that it be withdrawn by a & # 39; doing exercises, walking or going on; walk to the body and brain to oxygen.

"And on PSU's day before they begin to do the test, I recommend that there is a" bit "of chocolate, because the phenylethylamine that is triggered by – Insert the brain that provides a sense of nutrition that helps to make the test better ", it is finishing.

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