A published exhibition to create a job list to build on the second route


A public offer for project makers for the PZI in the BIM environment (which is modest in three-dimensional architecture) for the construction of the second railway route was published Divača-Koper; a public procurement port, in the Official Journal of Europe and on its website; 2TDK company. The implementation project (PZI) will allow a reliable list of jobs to be made to obtain comparative contributions, reports from the 2TDK that will be available; run their project.

The foundation for the preparation of documents and the PZI project has already been prepared for building license documents (PGD), which are on the 2TDK website.

The date for the submission of the offer is 35 days, and the date is six months for full document submission; PZI project. The essential certificates in the tendering documents are available.

As we report, preparation for road roads is still underway because an investment plan has not been taken.

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