A "quiet" war is at risk of constraining the sustainability of the global financial system


A number of key international economists describe the current situation in the & # 39; international financial market with difficulty. Despite the statements on senior officials in the United States, the European Union, Japan and China, there are no signs of money war in international markets at this time and that they are a & # 39; emphasizing everyone's quest to avoid this deadly struggle, the experts and their perpetrators have their belief that these statements are of political nature; Normally appearing on the situation in the international money markets.
Indeed, the French President Emmanuel Macaron has recently read about his vision of the euro and its relationship. He added to the dollar, as well as his opinion on the current status of Chinese yuan, once again on promoting the international debate about the incredible war in the international economic field, call to a quiet war.
The French president attempted to emphasize the euro zone's autonomy to be a competitive for the US man to achieve global sustainability, which can be seen in opposition to the war of money as Evidence that there was no conflict between the main powers in this area.
But those who are sure that the war is going in silence, or that it is unavoidable, they are doing; Expresses that Macron says that there is another option rather than the dollar and the need for the euro to be one. This, according to French president, needs to develop the financial structures in the euro zone. This includes a desire to & # 39; relies reliant on the dollar and the euro to be a clear choice of US money.
Although Elysee's views included "outskirts" of Chinese money, describing as an international character, his power was involved in a specific department, Noting in full on the Japanese or British note, and the place in this conflict, but The edge and the refusal of this oil were further turned on fire, and it was ensured that many assessors would attack their fire. Money war flows in the air a little longer or longer.
Dr. George Howard, a professor of money and banking, believes that the main reason behind the current conviction is that a cash war is going to an accident in Amongst the major international economies due to global trade accidents, unforeseen economic growth rates and changes in the international financial system.
Although he is convinced that the current war is unstable, he is sure that the economic situation will be; at the moment, its fighting and its & # 39; expanding that war as the only solution for many countries.
It contributes to the "economic" that the trade war between the United States and China could be a " The first round in the war war, and China can start its money; war in response to the rising US shipping targets exported to US markets, the problem is that the weakness of Chinese yuan is closely linked to the fiscal policy of the US as a whole, and Raise levels are straightforward, and the yuan will continue to decline against the dollar if the US currency is still in force; Strengthening the current position and the gold decay to be $ 1,200 each.
"Since the beginning of the year, the yuan has fallen by 4 per cent and since April fell by around 8 per cent, this situation expands the power of Beijing's export in Washington, and if there is a pressure on The Deer from the Trump Administration to take action In order to prevent the dollar's continued increase, this will be the first spot in that war officially, and China will not capable of being distributed and trading at the same time.
This is in line with what has already been called on US deposits. The authorities now bring tax cuts and concrete disputes to investors, and, cutting levels of interest to encourage home lending, increase home investment and spending, and promote fiscal policy to stimulate the economy.
These steps encouraged President Trump to Twitter, saying that "Chinese money falls as a rock," which many of the observers have explained how the US administration is. See that China is dealing with the value of money.
Thomas Graham, a researcher at the English Bank, decides to & # 39; The idea that there is a silver war in international markets at present and that it is a normal move of international currency exchange rates; , which demonstrates the instability of its & # 39; market, rather than evidence of real war or real money. South Westerly
"International conviction has been reinforced by the fact that the US dollar has trade and global security, and no other economy is capable of damaging the situation This is at least at the moment, so the US economy is not a challenge through a monetary war only Breaking the dollar for any action whatsoever, but the The worst thing is that the world economy will lose its steady state in an unprecedented way. "
Graham says that there are major changes in relations between international funds, but they all come from the natural movement that comes from changes in national economies, and the relationship between these economies and the international economy. "
"It is difficult to say that an open war is open. The strength of the dollar is not to be abolished, and its shape does not have a universal format, despite the strength of China's economy, to show that power, "said Professor David David, a professor of international economics. Declares that there is no political stability in Britain's relationship with the European Union, rather than being in a position; Bringing Britain's desire to expand its export by & # 39; cutting the finances. "
"For the euro," said David, "although he is a strong procurator for the future dollar, there are no signs of dealing with Central Central Europe's bank. The eurozone countries are the only money that has strong American affirmations, and the only economic dimensions of concrete that are exclusively reduced to Japan, but the US administration is a & This is a legitimate look because it ensures the strength of strengthening their strongest neighbors in Eastern Asia. Growth of China. "
On the other hand, experts who ensure that the international economy is seeing a real money war, led by a World Bank advisor, Philip Thomas, describes the situation as a cold war from money.
"The war is currently a model of the Cold War," he said. "There is no doubt in the US administration to say that the strong dollar will not be beneficial to the US economy, which means that the eurozone needs to do something to attack the US invasion. Although the ECB has cuts back the purchase of bonds, which may be included in one form or another under a broader power of war, a Governor does not; Central Bank Mario Draghi wants to use a small term for a continuous war by saying that we see access "He said.
"The previous settlement in the past has lost all those who are currently losing a war. The war between the US and China is the economic equation The next war will pay the dollar and the euro against the Chinese yuan. "
But some scientists, who believe are & # 39; believe a cold or quiet silver war that affects the international economy, sets out a new kind of money war that is not based on the separation of a method of national money but through And making countries with a higher interest more attractive to international capital, oppose the traditional military warfare, which works to protect the national money against its enemies.
"Money war is a real-day fact that can be seen in the unsuitable exchange rates that change between the world's main funds," said Stephen Gilvale, an analyst in Bursa. "The whole thing is that they talk quietly without sound, because the world has not made a decision." Everyone knows that they have the official news in light war warranty; burning at the moment, which implies the imposition of the global financial system's inequality doors. "

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