A rainy raid that attacked the start of new animators "Sabingo"


Today a new season of the program began "Sabingo" from Chilevisión, where the new drivers also mentioned: Millaray Viera and Juan Pablo Queraltó.

Gervasio's daughter took this new challenge after seven months as a panel in the morning in the "Much Gusto" Mega, but Queraltó is already in the house and has been a driver of several times in the Carolina Mestrovic company.

Let's remember after Carolina Mestrovic has been postponed from the place, that César Campos and Daniela Urrizola have been executing their course.

However, "Manos al Fuego" driver was driven out quickly from Chilevisión, after being offered to continue on the channel but with a salary reduction, he did not accept it. In contrast, Daniela Urrizola continue to signal its & # 39; program, and make mobile phones in the field.

But what the action shows would be quite variable, which would affect its & # 39; Program: Today is a Trend on Third on Twitter for runner-up campaigns on its drivers. Study them below:

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