A Red Bull coach said Brazil's 1-0 win over Cameroon


A Red Bull coach said Brazil's 1-0 win over Cameroon. Captain Selecao is delighted with the way in which his colleague Clarence Seedorf is bringing Afghan team.

Tite Seedorf praised

Brazil looked like Neymar left the field in the 8th minute. But the prestigious PSG star, Richarlison, is the only goalkeeper of Selecao. after winning the prize just after the 2018 World Cup.

In the MK game, Brazil won only the game but its including a game and a & # 39; creating opportunities ahead of Cadmer. But Tom left a coach after the Brazilian 1-0 game. Cameroon still welcomed his colleague Clarence Seedorf and did not give him to the African team in the & # 39; main game 5.

Coach Drop is describing the Cameroon Brazil 1-0 game
Richarlison has the same goal for Brazil to play Cameroon

"I can give Seedorf a congratulations"Death said."This game is for those who look for a beautiful football. I do not talk about what is positive or negative about the play style, but & # 39; This is a lovely football match."

"They attempted to take the member from home with the keeper also to & # 39; Try to escape from sending her & # 39; step. We have been overwhelming, we created many opportunities but we can not deliver them to the goals. Seedorf has given them more creativity. Anyway, it was an attractive game."

Coach Clarence Seedorf
A Coach Pass has been praised by his colleague Seedorf


Brazil ended in 2018 with the impact and coach That was particularly pleased to have Rafinha and Dede feel sorry for them to not take it on. park before Cadmer. "I can first say 2018 is important because I can create opportunities for players that appear in Europe or in Brazil."The 57-year-old captain said.

"It is a great benefit to the position and maintenance of the team's fundamental structure. I am promising to Dede and Rafinha for not being used. In the remaining 15 minutes of the second half, we could not find the second goal against Cameroon."

"So, I did not give Dede and Rafinha an opportunity. In some cases, we need to get secure leadership."

1-0 Brazilian Cameroon comprehensive video review:


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