A retired Slovene producer, who cared for an incredible look by Dončić, was retired. (picture)


An expert Slovenian team does not wear more geometry with the Slovenian logo.

The national gold team does not have to spend more time with the national logo. Saša Zagorac made this decision through the social network and wrote: "Sòlas, joy, honor and PONOS! Thank you team teams, leadership, KZS, Slovenia!" Zagorac writes, saying that the new fan is the number of one Solo national team.

Zagorac is one of the basketball players who wrote the most beautiful fairy tale in Solo's fun history and gave the name of Slovenia the title of a European war war. Also, thanks to it, 2017 will be written in gold letters in the history of Slovenia, as long as Zagorac has a & # 39; Achievement behind the border. In the download only, the shirt was thrown into a shirt with the player Dončić, and the cut was to be hit online in the days after her; war.

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