A road is full of questions and problems that include Boca


Why? Fernando Niembro

We have to remember that Boca's president has a year in which he has many competitions to participate, including Copa Libertadores, Argentine competitions and some of his competitions; River, some kind of friendly atmosphere. That's the reason For Angelici it is not easy to appoint a coach because he has little time and any project, such as Guillermo that lasted for three years, can be able.

He also needs to accept the responsibilities with his / her case. Angelici hopes that he is part of the remaining environment commissioned by his club. Within this governmental momentum, there are some who believe that the Angelici style is ready. They believe we must return to genrismism pure, although Angelici is part of that regulation because he was with him as treasurer for a while.

So, coaching is not as easy as possible. Just as he is now leaving Guillermo, he's a Feeling was unhappy because he did not meet expectations, since Boca's players today have not only won the Copa Libertadores, but also unable to fulfill his rescue team has come to a great deal. The only thing that Pavón is selling today is low than it wants to make it high. The disappointment is great because Guillermo did not have a young person, he did not value his faults and certainly if people are taken away, the new coach decides and they think it should be like this, almost 30% of the current dress will be removed. In any case, the money that Boca's will have to do is not. think back.

The destination is ready and is a destination full of issues and problems. The leaders think they have time to hire a new coach, but they have to make a decision between Christmas and Year. New because the team returns to training between January 2 and 3.

And here the situation rises between young technologists such as Becaccece or Heinze, who would need a plan, project, in the future and Angelici does not give them a situation. Technologists are based or no Arab as Alfaro. Mohamed and Miguel Russo, guys who have a role already. And so-called technologists, who would be Felipe Scolari, Pekerman no Ricardo Gareca. Some are in stones, and I think Angelici is also, and # 39; choose technology from this last group.

The problems are Gareca. Pekerman's failure in Colombia has a great deal of doubts about participating between agents around him. And Felipao will give strength to a man who is not enthusiastic to anyone, who gives his personality and he would get his hands on the racing room. Le Felipao wants to take Felipe Melo because they want to rid Barrios. He is a person who plays hard and who bleeds Boca fans quickly and goes to the midfielder by Nandez.

The minute they are doing in the mouth are that they do; Hardly complained, they spent a lot of money, they feel unhappy, can not make political mistakes, they need to be very careful, but that's why they It will give them more in the last year of ordering someone with the knowledge of their young name.

I think it's likely to be & # 39; go to an extraodinary technician. Gareca had many problems to leave, Felipao showed an interest. They are sure they are thinking in which the road is very hard because then it's coming out how the area has been made.

If the technician that comes out makes Carlos Tevez leave, the leaders are willing to abandon any player to empower a coach. Commission that Guillermo, who rode with the bad problems he had in the team players who did not want to be Tevez's case and not Wanchope Ábila. They could also think of Brazil ahead as they aim to be able to sell Benedetto no Ábila to bring them a Brazilian leap that they wish.

Although everything has been debated, the same thing is clear at this time that the road to the future of Boca is full of problems and problems.

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