A Road War Animator responds to Becky Lynch & Tyler Breeze's Comments


It has recently been a controversy; in Road Warrior Animal recently after recent comments on What's in me? Podcast about WWE Superstars Becky Lynch and Tyler Breeze.

The name "Warrior Animal Animal" has long been to suggest that Lynch & # 39; back from my own, & # 39; and queried her inspiration, saying she would be more believing as & # 39; white meat white meat And, indeed, Lynch did not go well to Road Warrior Animal ideas and our story writing:

Tyler Breeze also had a case with Road Warrior Animal's conversation that Breeze was not a bit bigger than a # 39; one of 185 pounds work. & # 39;

Road Warrior Animal back to it What A Rush? a podcast to face both Becky Lynch and Tyler Breeze, and he did not go away from his original ideas, "Becky Lynch must first get her over, her first thing. When Becky Lynch gets out what I have achieved in a redirecting sport, she can ask me out. In addition to that, she has not tried to win my profession. out. I just want to do that very well and I do not think there's any complaint in the world of athletics.

Animals also say that Becky Lynch has been the name before, & # 39; The most beautiful woman is going to play today in sports; reduce & # 39; and that & # 39; the women who show the show. & # 39; He says, "So, Becky, where does the offer say that the woman is hotter? Where does the proposal say that the women were stolen at WrestleMania, at TLC, and so on ? "

The animal was not evaluated by the Lynch tweet, "If Becky Lynch tried to even repeat an appeal against a multi-time multi-time hall and what I did in & # 39; this industry – it has won one belt of life and that's WWE Zone. Hawk and I won 22 different camps in 22 different companies, it's going on. I have valued people all over the world. This is a world, not just in WWE. I do not have to fix Becky, but when you get the type of stroke I've got in this business and when you put the type of foundation I have a job to get work today, you can phone someone outside. I do not try to be unsure about now, but I just try to be foolishly honest. "

He then complies that Becky Lynch & # 39; overwhelming herself, & # 39; "She usually needs to get over herself and understand that this is the entertaining business. People get a comment: bad, uncomfortable, moderate, down the line , whichever it was and I made out the worst of my negligence. If it just wanted to pull out the minor negative thing and let the advanced things go over the The way. That's just like I'm feeling about it. "

An animal said that he had passed Lynch in the past and continued, "If someone wants to hang her on one idea, compared to ten options, I & I have been thinking about their own, rather than the big picture. For I have to be so worried about anything that a person said about Hawk & I in Our day – are you lamenting me? I had jumped off the road at the River Missouri Missouri in St Louis for years, if it had been worried about anything that happened to me. ; anyone could ever say about it. "

WWE's Famer Hall did not allow Tyler Breeze to get hooked, "This is for Tyler Breeze. Put your pet more than 180. I'm sorry if you're not happy to hear that This is the thing. You and Fandango were brilliant together, a fantasy tag team. It's not the worst thing, or any other reason WWE uses you as a job and that's just what they are doing. They give you a prize here or there and then they'll smoke for a year. That's just what they do for those people and if a person thinks that they are going to enter the Intercontinental Belt out of anyone they are mistaken for ever. There is no way they can. Now if they have a big impact on him and winning him after winning him after winning and stealing, well, that is, g In fact, people will be behind him. "

Road Warrior Animal adds, "Tyler, a speaker figure of something 180ft. You are one of the smallest people in a big business. I do not mean. That's just like What are the average fans – this is what I look at its accelerating business as an average fan who looks at his business and what I am tell you now how everyone who lives there. When you get people like Sheamus and you have someone like Rusev and there are plenty of people like your fricken [Braun] Strowman is there, what do you think they are? think when they see a man like Tyler. There is nothing against Tyler. Daniel Bryan is a bit smaller and it's brilliant and I do not say Tyler is not good. I said they were brilliant. I loved him and Fandango together, but without each other, he does not know in particular. It would be like to divide a Day and call them with their individual names. When you connect to a team, it is best off to stay with a team. Without my opinion. It was not a cut on Tyler; there. Look at your ego. You know that the entertainment industry is there. You are working for a WWE, a sports company. He did not dig on Tyler. Come on, give me a break. These little people get their messages in a lot about this stuff; grow old. They need to get bone bones and are not as sensitive when someone is in a position; comment. "It continues," You do not have to want to & # 39; taking this is too bad. It's the entertaining business. People give you ideas out and right. "

Readers can listen to it What A Rush? podcast below:

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