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Recently, Blonde Zlatka has a lot to see what she has changed and how she has emerged from a seductive role. The poor voice is acting, and its gaffe of the past, is so large that native-born celebrities do not; worried about her and her discovering the most unfamiliar and unusual burghers, Hot Arena is a & # 39; writing.

A reason for finding a new dose; in a conversation between Jeni Kalkandjieva, who was recently Raikova in the house, and Joro French. In their words, it is clear that Zlatka has a high level of team presentations. Then she had a relationship, or, as Raikka herself calls herself "a conversation" with a businessman with Tony Montana's phone. A short description indicates that a & # 39; This was the case when the battle was with Blagoi Ivanov – Bagata. Then she made the curtains, which also gave her a "flirting" with her brother Bobby Rugbysta. Borislav is currently working with Nikita Johnson and went to Big Brother to tell us what Zlatka saved us.

Not to describe how the folk singer Raina appeared in the same show that his Kid had been in a position; worried Zlatka. We can safely say that Emanuela is not, as the artist Tsetso Andreev said, and Zlatka Raikova has given the men in the majority of Bulgaria a "split". Kalkandjieva and French also have a different theme – its uncommon behavior to Azis, who has been subject to many ideas and observations over the years.

When Zlatka Raikova was with Kamen Balbuzanov – Bagata, she had a great fight with the Roma event. This is a night in a well-known disco in 2012. He then believed that Azis played the playground, saying he was not quite a bit: "Mutt, ma peasant," and she started her hair.

Zorro French was not just cut: "Ask Bhai Mangal – Azis, how would it be for everyone in the Union?"

Some of the biggest chancellors of the battle are those with the native singer Emilia and his colleague Zlatka Dimitrova – a drama writer. The story remembers that Raykova was also hit Emily, and she and Dimitrova often went to her; sleep with the same men, who may face each other.

At the end, Zlatka Raikova was very fond of her & # 39; Cleaning her dirty image by taking part in a real show as the change was changed, true, moral and moderate, but she had a full insight. The absurdities and mistakes in the past she had been a forgotten idea that she was very much forgotten. whirlwind with a full force. We are still seeing it in this Big Brother season.

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