A series of conclusions and misfortunes in the Lakers season that hangs on the & # 39; band


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Getting out of & # 39; breaking All-Star, Los Angeles Lakers will find themselves in an area that is familiar – outside and; watch at the NBA Playoffs. With 25 games left, the Lakers have three games back from L.A. Clippers, who is currently holding the eighth place where the conference in the Western Conference is harder than the clown car.

It does not matter what will happen, many quality teams in the conference will be; Sit at home this post, and what happens over the final part will determine whether the Lakers are one.

There is no guarantee that they will do it, especially because of the quality of their recent play. How did we come to this place after the season started with such a promise?

LeBron James, ready to build the team out of a dark reconstruction, came and confirmed (for the time) president of the Magic Johnson basketball activities and Rob Pelinka's director's vision for the future .

With the salary room still available for a free free body in 2019, the Lakers appeared to be lock to one or two of Kawhi Leonard's, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Jimmy Butler, and the rest of his talented crop.

Now, the future looks great in a question.

There are plenty of places to apply for the condition of the objects; at present. The Los Angeles Fault Loss Loss Of Each Key Player For Extension Strands, & # 39; including the worst injuries of James's life. So, the team's record has gone down with their main pieces for just 11 of the 57 games that have been played so far.

Although it may be susceptible to injury, the face office has also been more than miscues. They decided that they were forced to hunt (usually a tidy of James-led teams) leaving planners, and correcting that wrong at the time of trading; they had to take part in assets such as Ivica Zubac, Svi Mykhailiuk and a selection of second-round dreams in the future.

Zubac's trade, in particular, has declined since it went to the Crosstown Competition Breakers in a contract that appears to have been in a position; getting involved in the favor of a L.A.

Julius Randle was a freelance operator last summer last year but was released to sign up with a very friendly contract for a team with Pelicans New Orleans. The Lakers wanted to reserve a captain's place at all costs, but Randle would, on his contract, He has now been an easy piece to buy in a pinch.

In a league where asset management is very important, allowing a young and talented player to be able to; walk away without giving anything back.

In addition, the Lakers lost the current Anthony Davis public trading talks, causing splitting. It is difficult to find cohesion in a group that is now familiar with a certainty in which they are standing in the future of Lakers.

For all players except for James, this could be a great success as their final season with the Lakers, which is not very lively that will usually give an effort largest.

Although all of these mistakes are a cause of great concern, they are in a huge, small, small-scale scheme. If Johnson and Pelinka are again successful in taking a bigger free fish in a free summer group, everyone will be pardoned.

At the same time, Luke Walton's headquarters coach has been on the hot room for the whole session, and despite Lakers' claims that his support is a lot, 39; Feeling (including Las Vegas) is that someone else will lead the next season.

There are rooms where Walton could replace instead of growing up since James called it. And still, despite all declines, the Lakers have the opportunity to turn their time. There is no query from her & # 39; question, and from that, anything is possible.

James has yet another gear that we still can see, and it seems to have been a mistake in protesting in the past. If he goes to nuclear and the team can take back the one-to-one defense (which has dropped to 27 in the NBA over the last 15 games), it has the chance to make very sound.

With 25 games left and the back of the wall, we're going to & # 39; Find out what this group is personally, mentally and physically. It is a long season that is even further with its long-lasting season. uncertainty about the team but it is worth watching the playoffs, despite the uncertain future.

The questions that hang over the Lakers are the bad ones. Do the wounds of a trading date still have a & # 39; going on, or finding a way of relieving the uncertainty of the future and focusing on today? Can James build his game to another extent, or do it harm him and that Father Time removes his wind out of the sails? Can Walton make his team the best of his team? moving mobility?

As the season breaks out, the Lakers' news replies decide this season and maybe later later.

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