A series of mistakes in the HCMC Academy provision


Ho Chi Minh City Staff Academy

Ho Chi Minh City Staff Academy

In 2009, the City City HCM Committee over 7.1 ha of land for investment in the construction of Ho Chi Minh City Public Works School at Ward 12, Binh Thanh District.

Stage 1: Including level-level, construction of new gates (including permanent homes) and fences; Stage 2: Building blocks and technical houses, and including: Library, Classroom, Sub-Department: Energy, administrative corridor, library, group of walkers …; Stage 3: Construction of Student Hall and Student Guest House. The total investment of 03 times is around 850 billion VND.

Of those, level 1: more than 28.5 billion, level 2: almost 457 billion, level 3: about 336 billion). However, in the application process, rebuilding was a series of serious breakdowns. As a result, the authorities took part, to clarify the mistakes in the submissions under the Cader School building project in Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, the offenses were related to the third-level package.

In particular, on October 24, 1818, the Attorney General provided an Arrangement Decision. 36 / KLTT-TTTP-P5 in keeping with legal provisions about checking out; Applying for work under the HCMC School Cards Building Project.

Ron November 14, 1818, information from the Home Person's Office Office, this unit 12652 / VP-NCPC document has handled the investigation's decision on maintaining legal provisions in the bids. of the HCMC Civil Engineering Project and gave guidance to Mr Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chairman of the Town House Committee, to agree to the contents of the HCMC Civil Engineering Project. Audit Determination, and the management of the relevant parties. Implement the proposed proposed in the conclusions.

The inspectors concluded a series of serious crimes

During its offer process in & # 39; The project took place with a series of serious breakdowns

During its offer process in & # 39; The project took place with a series of serious breakdowns

During the review, the Ho Chi Minh City Surveyors identified a mistake in the bids that were raised in this project.

In particular, the Ho Chi Minh City Workers' Institute (level 3) was agreed with the Building Department in Decision 52 / QĐ-SXD-TĐDA dated 07/10/2015. Vice-President The Long Consultant Company (Long Name Company) Investment Advisor is a claimant. Company Project Administrative Advisor: Stock Company Civil and Business Planning Consultants (Active and Civil Company).

Therefore, for the City Hochiminh (level 3) Staff Academy project in the bedroom and hall section, the team of advocacy experts do not meet the conditions set out in Item 3, Article 116 of God; Order 63. / 2014 / ND-CP dated 26 June 2014: "… people who participate in experts teams need professional qualifications contexts related to the offer package to achieve. " The Long Company Company is responsible, the company of experts just does; Apply for a consultation application for an application pack.

Then, the publication of application applications in Section 4: Special knowledge in the management and performance of construction and installation contracts does not comply with the provisions of the Ministry of Planning and Investment Newsletter; Describes a collection of offer registers for construction.

In addition to assessing the capacities and financial expertise of its contractor, the member is not connected to Binh Minh Construction One Member Limited; meet the requirements of the application documents. However, the contractor is still considered for technical documents.

Evaluation of the type of materials for the Company Building Company application Component Number 5. – Binh Minh Company: No criteria appraisal is based on criteria to assess applications and other requirements in the tank. offers invitations. General Construction Company No. 5 Company – the Binh Minh Company supplies the type of products that are not in accordance with the requirements of the application documents. The applicant has taken into account the requirement for contractors to clarify that the provisions did not meet the requirements of the application application but they identified a Construction Company Number 5 – the Binh Minh Company No. 1.

During the process of work and the foundations of the registers, the applicant's solicitor has a lack of capacity, lack of knowledge in the process of considering a selection of level 3 contractors, equipment appraisal and equipment selection packages. Contracting conditions are not contracted; reflect the technical features of the equipment and the materials that are used for the jobs that are displayed; leads to a selection of contractors who fail to comply with the application applications requirements.

In order to monitor the inspection team in accordance with legal rules, expert groups' views and the Project Administrative Advisor, confirmation of the consultation option and the Joint Buy Share Stock Company. 5 – The Binh Minh Company is not the first legal statutes, but the advocacy council still has a & # 39; arguing that he has strictly retained the provisions in the numbers of contractors but that they can not provide the basis for legal propriety. However, the offer counselor confirmed a misleading statement of statements, eliminating the results of a selection of a contractor.

As a result, the Project Administrator of Projects shows their inconvenience and inconsistencies of behavior in a & # 39; describing the results of the applicants and submitting them to the Emperor for approval of the products of the consensus with the Food Adviser, The company itself has received conflicts of the contract but has acted unanimously against legal provisions about ensuring fairness and transparency in advocacy functions (as can be seen in the document No. 78 / 2018 / BKH-IDCo dated 5 March 2018), must be investigated and clarified and dealt with by law.

According to the Determination of the Auditors, the duties of the above matters are related to the Director and Deputy Director of the Institute, designated at the time of the incident and the Nam Long Company, The Civil and Civil Company,

Clearance of "collusion" behavior and eliminate the application pack the next time


The Inspector recommends that he will remove the auction of the next tendering folder at his & # 39; this project

From the survey results and survey findings mentioned above, the Chief Inspector of the House recommended the Chair of the People's Committee; Clarify Town that the Cattle Academy Party Committee voted unanimously on the policy to go to # 39; choosing contractors. No. 5 – Binh Minh Build a Single Member of Limited Company at the meeting on 7 March 2015, not according to group activities and activities; Party and the Law of Advocacy Law.

At the same time, within 20 days of receiving the guidance document, the Institute of Staffing Director will be able to; Baile examines and clarifies project management consultations (The Joint Stock Stock Company The Ship Building Adviser and Nam Co Ltd, Ltd. sign up "conversation" in the report on the selection of potentially suspected contractors to the requirements of the application applications. The proposition of the investor to accept the level of his / her contractor; To suspend the provisions of the application law.

In addition, the review organization is to clarify its responsibilities; gathering and the individual according to governance that is proven to staff in the shortcomings and faults as work; All application bids are incomplete in accordance with regulations; Participating in advocacy functions but do not. meet the conditions set out.

The inspector also recommended that the "Building, procuring and installation of a home appliance installation" application process should be quickly installed. In order to change the requirement for similar conditions to the application application, the unsuccessful measure (in accordance with No. 1341/2018 / CV-XN03 of 12 January 2018 of Construction Construction General Consultancy Stock Company) A & # 39; install replacing packages: "Building, supplying and installing a househouse device" as ordered;

Finally, the level 2 adjustment procedures must be finalized to reduce the remainder of 1.3 billion and to reduce fraudulent payment in accordance with the Final Decision. 360 / KL-TTr at 20/9/2016 of the surveys. Construction Ministry.

Report the results of the above actions to the City & City Personnel Committee and City Auditors within 20 days of the date of receipt of the guidance document. It is the responsibility of compromise complaints and objections (if applicable) of applicants when they choose contractors for their & # 39; package: "Building, installing and installation of a househouse device" Illegal regulations.

The inspector also recommends that the Department of Construction Director and Director of Planning and Investment Department; coordination of the handling of the organization or individual who undertakes the breach mentioned in clause 2 of Section II of Part Three. Applicant Law provisions and relevant management documents; Directions to the Home Academy Academy to complete the tendering job for its & # 39; "Toggle, install and installation of a househouse device" package in accordance with the rules.

The Ho Chi Minh City School was established in 1998 due to the co-operation of the Nguyen Van Cu Political School and the Home School Administration School.

In 2014, a Home & School Personnel School will be expanded to the Institute's Institute. Town.

This is a public education center, under the Village Party Committee and Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, under the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Training Department.

At the time of the inspection, the Board's organizational structure was a Board of Directors (04 people) and 06 departments, 08 and 02 departments (184 people) connected.


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