A series of new road projects are being launched, the My Dinh area on the estate, the benefit of Nam Tu Liem


In recent years, infrastructure in the West has been continuously invested. In particular, a series of major roads in the My Dinh area have recently been built and implemented. Tran Huu Duc Street, the value of VND1.543 billion, connects Le Duc Tho Street with a 70 road in Xuan Phuong ward, Nam Tu Liem area, which was just opened in April 2017.

Shortly after the implementation of the Tran Huu Duc trail, in April 2017, Hanoi continued with a 5212-QD / UBND Decision; accepting the red line of a traffic project that connects Tran Huu Duc Street with the Pham Hung road at Le Duc Tho Street. Therefore, there is a cross section of 50m on the route that connects Tran Huu Duc and Pham Hung's road, and including 2 main roads 5m wide, 16m in summer … Expected construction time from 2018-2020.

Stopping there, the My Dinh area continues to & # 39; A new route is reached when the Hanoi People's Committee still has document 288 / HĐND-KTNS has approved the investment projects of the Hoai Duc area and Nam Tu Liem area from the center of the urban area of ​​Van Canh with the Tran Huu Duc street. Therefore, its project has a speed of 500m, a section of 30m-40m. The project has a total of 164 billion VND investment.

In addition, the 3.5 ring ring – Thang Long Boulevard in the form of BT is also used in Hanoi. The project includes a grounded tunnel with 1,000m long, 4 sites adjacent to Le Trong Tan Street with National Highway 32, the middle of the tunnel; in line with Le Trong Tan Street. When the route between the 3.5 ring ring – Thang Long Highway is complete, traffic disruptions will take place at an hourly rate in the tunnel of people; enter your Bao Son Paradise area.

With a strong transport infrastructure, the My Dinh area is a major investment market and Nam Tu Liem is a special mind. In particular, projects on the Tran Huu Duc axis have increased sharply after being open and a continuous expansion project. Frequently Asked by Foresa Villa (the Xuan Phuong Urban Ethnic area), at the beginning of Tran Huu Duc Street, the 2016 price is only about 36-42 million VND per m2, now it is reach 50-70 million VND / m2. Xuan Phuong Household House was only spent 15-17 million, now after completing its 25 million retail price per m2.

Not only is the increase in the price of existing projects, the development of transport infrastructure also has a & # 39; Developers' Guide to launch new projects. It's a great deal to come into the market as Vincity Dai Mo with Vingroup as a museum, a major project in My Dinh of Sunshine Group, HD Mon City level 2 of HD Holding … and products. A number of other investment businesses are aiming to launch their materials later this year.

In particular, the value of accommodation values ​​in the My Dinh area and the Nam Tu Liem area, experts in each area said when the transformation was transformed into buildings, the value added buildings. Hanoi's mainland in My Dinh is such that the change may be stronger in other areas. However, according to experts, buyers, projects that have been completed, which are lawful and selected on the road, should be completed, and avoid buying houses to be filled but roads are still unfinished.

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