A series of officers started working, working


Many officers and senior officers in the areas have faced legal action when the "bankruptcy" was given to land breakdown. Many of the features with the keyword hold are bringing gold as they work with private companies to benefit from legal drugs, so that profit investors are extremely missive and the budget has lost some billions of thousands.

Vice President HCM City Nguyen Huu Tin was charged with further crimes

Mercy on re-movement, gold ground for building the building: Level error of almost 4,000 billion

Dip eczema for the soil

On November 19, the Ministry of Security Ministry policed ​​a decision to arrest a deputy, the former vice chairman of HCM City People Committee Nguyen Huu Tin and Dao Anh Kiet ( former director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Environment. Truong Van Ut (Deputy Land Management Department, DONRE).

Previously, on November 10, CSIT supports 5 officers in Ho Chi Minh's Town in the & # 39; case related to the 2-4-6 Hai Ba Trung area, District 1, Ho Chi Minh Town. Salmon, wine, drink Sai Gon (Sabeco) drink.

5 people including: Mr Nguyen Huu Tin, former Vice President of the HCMC People Committee; Dao Anh Kiet, who was Director of the Ho Chi Minh City Natural and Environmental Resources Department; Le Van Thanh, Deputy Chief of the HCMC People's Committee; Nguyen Thanh Chuong, Head of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Town Council's Office, and Truong Van Ut, Deputy Director of Land Use Management Division Ho Chi Minh Town Department Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

New land: The officials of the row set out a place, work
Five defendants were fought, including Nguyen Huu Tin (left), Dao Anh Kiet (right) and left to left: Le Van Thanh, Nguyen Thanh Chuong and Truong Van Ut.

In mid-September, four people included Nguyen Huu Tin, Dao Anh Kiet, Le Van Thanh and Nguyen Thanh Chuong to " The case also "Avoid rules on the management and use of State property caused by loss, rubbish" as it was related to Phan Van Vu, Vu "aluminum".

In Da Nang, from April 1818 to date, the CSIT – Ministry of Public Security has come to a decision to object against, and # 39; opposing the accused person for more than 10 defendants who are former leaders of the Household People's Committee. Da Nang and the Ministry of Public Security. Mr Tran Van Minh, who was the Chair of the People's Committee, Town. Da Nang (2006 – 2011), Mr Van Huu Chien, who was the Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee. Danang; Nguyen Dieu, who was Director of DONRE. Danang; Mr Tran Van Math, former director of the Natural Resources Department and Environment TP. Danang; Le Canh Duong, Director of Investment Promotion and Tasgadh Da Nang Promotion Board …

Persons charged with actions that break the rules on the management and use of state property, loss or loss; People have been objected to a complaint for the breach of rules on land management.

Case in Da Nang or TP. Ho Chi Minh City is associated with land in the process of public domain conversion to private land.

Through the form of a business co-operation, or "land exchange for infrastructure", or a change in land use purposes, many public land in the main place has dropped into private businesses at cheap prices, Call for state budget. Much of the golden land turned rapidly into commercial centers, high room buildings, and profitable profits to the profits.

When they analyze and & # 39; evaluating how several BT contracts were paid by land use rights in Hanoi's city, the State Audit has proposed financial solutions for 1,393 billion. At the same time, its agency recognizes many shortcomings and shortcomings by making it possible; BT contract award. These are: The projects only 1/12 in the period 2013-2017 to tendering, the 11/12 projects implemented in the form of contract detention, and reducing the competitiveness in the implementation a & # 39; project; The price of the land is not at the market price, the land assigned to remove the Land on Land is removed … risks can be removed; means that a state budget will be lost.

In Hanoi, the Government Investigators completed the process of changing the use of the land in the main locations of State bodies and state campaigns in the period 2003-2016.

The factories and factories of the state's businesses, after their departure from their home, have been licensed by the Hanoi People's Committee to build houses and trade establishments. It is worth mentioning that ownership of state-owned property in partnership with the private sector has taken into account the reduction of the law, so that investors can benefit from the crisis while the budget lost a few billion billion.

The Government's Inspectors decide that the total number of wrong achievements found through a 38 project survey changes the purpose of land use of almost 4,000 billion VND.

Therefore, the Executive Inspectors have proposed the Prime Minister's Chair to designate the Town House Committee. Hanoi deals with the difficulties, shortcomings, breaks in the management investment management and management of land use in the area, and early solutions for correction and reimbursement.

New land: The officials of the row set out a place, work
There are many gold places in Saigon on unusual signs when they move.

Land distribution to & # 39; loss of gold: profit, corruption

Results to monitor the implementation of policies and laws on the management and use of capital and state assets at the initiatives and balance of State initiatives in the period 2011-2016 by the National Assembly's Sustainability Committee, Land use deficit public, including land owned by SOEs, large.

Mr Dang Quyen Tien, Director of the Department of Finance (Ministry of Finance)

Getting businesses after realizing domains, representations and business activities is not effective, and & # 39; live on land rent.

According to the survey results, the rubbish, loss of land resources, property … is complex. The National Assembly's Sustainability Committee has said, following the balance, that the stock exchange initiative did not use its need, for the purpose of using the land in a sudden and failed to fulfill its responsibilities its financial position to the State in accordance with the rules. rules. For example in HCMC. Some joint-stock companies at Hai Phong still use land for wrong reasons as defined in the # 39; land use plan when they are fair. Staff have a voluntary sector share for employees, employees, rented, rented or abandoned without use such as Ngo Quyen Construction Partial Stock Company, Minh Khai Shared Stock Company , Hai Phong Photocopying Books and Appliances Stock Company, Hai Phong book distributing joint stock company, …

A number of SOEs move land that is leased by the State in the form of capital grant for joint ventures, an investment partnership with the value of property acquisition and then, withdraw from the entire capital grant, move the land.

"This activity, along with the inconvenience and lack of prominence in setting a rented value that is right when they make a capital grant, a & # 39; evaluating proper land use when changing the need for land It has created opportunities for organizations and individuals related to incentive, corruption, causing loss of capital and investment, "the National Assembly's Sustainable Committee .

The "Vu Vu Aluminum" project appeared throughout Saigon "width =" 145 "height =" 101

The "Vu Vu Aluminum" project appears throughout Saigon

Rao sells when it is not eligible to build a capital, a Vu "aluminum related project has just been circulated by the Nang City Building Department. These projects also appear in many places in Saigon.


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