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Virgil van Dijk

The Dutchman Virgil van Dijk looks forward to a game in the German net.

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Independent situations (sometimes) need extraordinary solutions. The timer in Veltins Arena showed that one of the last matches of his first League of Nations episode come to an end.

The Dutch fled to his final competition with his fingers. With the Germans
it was enough to get a point. But in the League League A still 85 minutes
call 0: 2na

Shortly beforehand, the visiting coach and his assistants began to work
machination. Ronald Koeman did not get a lot of help immensely. Her ideas and preferences came to her.
In a car with his assistants Dwight Lodeweges and Kees
Van Wonderenom always had a boy in his head.

"Dwight and Kees gave me someone. It was newly designed
the installation. They asked me what we wanted to do a bit. Tell me,
until Virgil (van Dijka, note) moved to the well. Time has come, like that
we tried, "Koeman explained for the competition page.

Eventually, the papier arrived in Van Dijk. Did not close it
He marked his team in a new format and raised his opponent's goal.
In the beginning of the second half he settled at 2: 2.

"It was a very important goal from the arrow that went into the attack
just thank the paper, "said Koeman.

Historically the expensive defender Van Dijk – on the first day of the year
moved from Southampton to Liverpool for 79 million euros – at the end
Find a duel spot in the field of German penalties troublesome.

After a bubble ball, he moved his country to a final year-long competition
League of Nations to Portugal. And the Nationalelf in crisis is even bigger. masters
The world of 2014 did not win in five competing games, most of them are
for the last 40 years.

"It's a wonderful day. I'm feeling in heaven. We were able to predict
Strong challenges and move to Four Four. We did not do the best thing
achieve. At the beginning of its game you did not; We can respond to the German weight.
However, the product is counted at the end of the game. And, thank you, we need to be on
what he is proud of, "said Van Dijk.

Captain Oranjes does not block her & # 39; procedure. The June competition wants with him
winning team teams. In competitions with Switzerland, Portugal and England
Work is very challenging and waiting.

"There was also progress from the group with Germany and France
of the two world-wide awards that have been influenced and we were entitled to go, "
Van Dijk reminded her, saying: "I believe that the shows in our League of Nations
Increase confidence before joining the European 2020 competition. Find
our main objective is. "

The 27-year-old trainer's credit is after the last tin whistle of Ovidia Arbiter
Hategan has grown dramatically. The Roman referee says Digi
Sports over half a half had learned that his mother was away for eternity.
Van Dijk helped after his game and faced him with strong words.

"Tell me what happened to his mother. He broke him and disguised him.
She praised me and I said I was sorry. He may have done it
It will help a bit of relief, "Van Dijk decided.

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