A short once a week visit reduces the risk of death


It's springtime and the opportunities for movement in nature are again. It's enough to have a stroll or two every week, and even better if you choose an exercise that is going up a heartbeat. Picture: Reuters

This is shown in a survey carried out between 1997 and 2008 on data about nearly 90,000 Americans and then compared with the 2011 deaths. For walkers and walkers per week There was a danger from death for any of the following reasons 18% lower than for those who have not moved from motion, according to a survey published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

From two and a half hours to five hours of mid-week activity, which was less than ten minutes at a time, they meant there would be a 31% lower risk of death. Moderately mobile each sacred week at least 25 hours, the threat was almost cut.

The authors of the survey acknowledge that not everyone has time to spend the move. Therefore, attention is given to “effective time” activities such as heart beat, such as cycling, running and racing sports. It was also suggested that increasing activity between five to 25 hours does not bring any added benefits when it comes to heart disease.

Researchers have warned that such a study cannot draw difficult conclusions, and as a weak point, people have reported for their own physical practices. At the same time, it was felt that the analysis which had been subjected to so many methods had been omitted to replace the shortcomings.

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