“A silent pandemic against the experts will warn: it is progressing wisely


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In recent years, there has been a general upset in general health due to depression. Diabetes (sugar), hypertension (hypertension) and obesity are among the most important causes of renal disease. Experts, weight, blood sugar and blood pressure surveys should be frequently reported, saying, "Warning cigarettes, alcohol, ready meals to eat, plenty of food to eat".

14th March The President of the University of Bezmialem Vakif and Head of the Department of Migration reported on World Day Day. Dr. Rümeyz Kazancıoğlu, research and investigations in Turkey, consider his & # 39; show that a range of 16 to 18 grams of daily salt was a "daily missing sum of salt that is usually 4 to 6 grams. So reducing daily salt in our everyday foods is essential to the health of the to defend the kidney

He's going to silly
"The hooked disease progresses slowly telling Kazancıoğlu," drinking too much water, frequent trust, tiredness, insults and eviction, should be inspirational, "he said. Turkey in the last century, 77 miles on Kazakhstan's failure to realize that patients suffering from it have continued: "All of it is national record organ cadaver 26 thousand patients list Waiting for a catch, the body remains approximately 23,000 of these patients are waiting to be relieved, plus 2000 500 of these patients are waiting for treating patients. These patients lose their lives as there is no suitable organ in the waiting list, looking at the changes in 2018, 3000 11, blackmail, 859 blackmails, cadaver. If there is insufficient awareness of organ transplantation, the increase in death rates in the cadaver waiting list cannot be avoided.

Pay attention to unauthorized drugs

Director of Beykoz University Vocational School Dr. Dr. The following suggestions for kidney health are: Gülten Kaptan Atesoglu: Healthy eating, keep your weight under control. Check your blood sugar level regularly. Remove at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. Look at your blood pressure. Stay clear from paid food and all kinds of tobacco products. Smoking also increases the risk of renal cancer. Unauthorized drugs are severely affected when they are routinely brought. Ban alcohol. Lots of water. Water allows the sodium, urea and toxins to be removed

[Haber görseli]

I came back to life

Zeynep Çetil, who is 43 years of age, who has a problem with black failure and needs to be re-transported, has been healthy with her kidney from her 23 year old daughter. Merve Nur Çetil.

Zeynep Çetil, 43, who worked as an archivist in the Hatay Dörtyol Corporation, visited the doctor with tiredness and tiredness. It was decided that Zeynep Çetil had a black failure, but that it had dialysis or re-transplantation. Metil Nur Çetil, a 23-year-old daughter in the Archeology Department at Hacı Bektaş Veli University in Nevşehir, who gave her the title. Zeynep Çetil, who started his second life with an operation, said that I have come back to life with my daughter's black inside me büyüyen.
At first they did not want to kidnap his daughter, the doctor said that there is no danger that this will lift his daughter. Mouth Conservation, M I did not want to be without a mother. Finally, doctors told me there was no danger in believing my mother, Sonunda who he said.
After the remand surgery, Zeynep Çetil received her health.
Reindeer My daughter grew up within me years after that, I've had a life with me. My daughter said to me, Mother, I was building up to give you my poem I gave all the organs to me. Saving someone's life is a marvelous thing


Head of Reminder Memorial Division Professor Dr. K. Yalçın Polat and Assoc. Dr. Dr. Hugh Campbell said: t Gökhan Temiz: böbrek Continuing failure of the neck can make progress without any symptoms. Sometimes a headache or as a patient can provide simple symptoms such as weakness, fatigue. The chronic signs and symptoms of kidney disease are in one out of every 6 people in Turkey. "

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