A small "fastening" room is fast in Vietnam


A small room moves

David Venance, of the JLL Capital Market in Vancouver, has a vacancy rate of just 1%: "The homework is a good solution to the demands of home demand, staying long and the room is in The area has access to public transport. "

According to JLL, the microphone has already begun to grow through the world's major cities. The average area of ​​each unit is 27 to 37 square meters, with a car park. It sounds well, but these little flats are known as a solution to housing emergencies around the world.

Looking at the change in livelihoods, David Venance said that today's generation of young rulers want a modern environment that is going to be a reality. link all three elements of life – play more than the generation. in advance. Although the oldest generations have been dreaming about being in a hurry, settling in the big houses of the hills, many young people prefer small rooms in the middle of their home and to know laundry, cleaning and Party on the bar

In England, Nick Whitten, a research director at JLL's UK said: "Young people do not care for the minimum or lack of privacy – they need a suitable place, fitness and comfort."

Is there a growth in Vietnam?

In Viet Nam, according to the UNU-WIDER Institute for World Development Research on Development Economics, over the last 20 years, the number of Vietnam's move from rural areas to cities like . with a large city (estimated at 6 million people).

According to this unit, immigrant age is also slowly restoring. Previously there are only secondary graduates, many families are now sending up; their children to their home to explore in better situations, from level 2 or level 3.

Demand for flats in the establishment is evidence of a small space capacity in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

– Mr Stephen Wyatt, Chief Executive of JLL Vietnam

In addition, a large number of students after graduating have chosen to live in cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to find work.

The impact of immigrants into urban areas has become a strong emphasis on housing. And as other developed countries, Vietnam-based investors are considering the move of mini-rooms.

Stephen Wyatt, general director of JLL Vietnam, said the demand for worst rooms is a proof of a micro-plate capacity in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Most home-makers offer a & # 39; The first time paid only for larger sailings in companies far from the middle of the station; town. But in mind, young customers want to stay in a comfortable place, so they still want to buy a "micro-apartment" with full resources and associated communities.

Recognizing that many developers have begun to develop mini-flats with facilities such as hotels or rooms. Frequently, the micro-house will send many answers to save space, such as furniture, furnished cabinets in a smart inside style.

According to the JLL Vietnam representative, the microphone allows developers to launch blank spaces with more effective cost-building. This contributes to a solvency emergency problem solving that is; featured in many world cities, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Thanh Nguyen

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