A snake attack was killed on California beach


An unprofitable life rescue group offers a $ 5,000 prize for information that is missing; Follow a person to send a dolphin in southern California.

Animal Rescue Charles said in the Facebook post that the dolphin was killed on Manhattan Beach. After a medical examination, a doctor confirmed that the animal died from a bad shot.

"There is now no excuse for such brutality against these beautiful animals," wrote the Facebook organization.

Peter Wallerstein, founder and president of Marine Life Rescues, told NBC News, asked the National Sea Fisheries Service to open up an investigation, but, He acknowledged that it would be difficult to find the opponent.

"They will do the best they can," he said. "Their shot is and they have some idea of ​​burning. We are seldom getting these people but the prize gives them information."

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Many people left comments on the organization's Facebook page and expressed them.

"I'll add $ 300 to the prize group," write one Facebook user. "Thank you for the effort you have for Sea Squirrel Rescue. I'm hoping to get rid of this."

"There are no words but I hope that this sick person will be taken and be aware of what they have done so hardly with mammals so innocent and how fascinating has been recorded in many times saving people, "write another.

People who have information about burning are being sent to contact Marine Meat Rescuers.

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