A sound complaint was made to the Police & Council before the burning of Mangere Bridge


Residents informed police and Auckland Council about an hour's sound before two were injured when they were hunting at the South Auckland boat ramp.

One man was killed and another man suffered seriously injured after the incident, which took place near the Bridge Bridge boat ramp in early hours tomorrow.

The area has been a perfect place for quiet parties late at night and residents have become so unhappy with issues related to drinking, fighting and noise that a community meeting was arranged for a night tomorrow.

Coronation Road Shore at Mangere Bridge. Photograph / Nick Reed
Coronation Road Shore at Mangere Bridge. Photograph / Nick Reed

A local MP, Auckland Council, police and the New Zealand Transport Organization were invited to attend.

The weight burn will only limit the concerns of the resident given both police and sound control but nothing has been done to break this party.

Police confirmed that they did not have a complaint about high music that is being played; played in cars on the Coronation Road at 3.45am. But they say there was nothing there was a suggestion that the complaint was sound related to the burning.

The council's regulatory compliance director, Steve Pearce, said his complaint had not received 4m.

"When our officer arrived at the site there was no sound and the police left the area."

Firefighters usually dropped noise from private buildings. At times, they were called to public areas.

"Where the sound source is an irregular group of people, this needs to be put to the better equipped Police to deal with this type of question."

Police Police confirmed that one person had a bad gun injury and was transported to Auckland Hospital in a bad state and another man was found nearby and treated for mixed wounds.

When the Herald visited the scene earlier today, a black car was removed. The area that was inside was flattened with a broken glass and a blank dog. A window was broken by a seal in the window that was still attached to the ground lying.

One person who left her was saying; chordon he was at the party but he heard a gun from the other side of the causeway.

Alice Prescott, a resident of Waterfront Road, who has been living since 2013 with her sister, father, sister and uncle, saying that parties and drinking at the causeway were common.

When they moved in five years ago there was only one car full of humans. Now, there are likely to be between seven and 14 cars to spend most of Fridays and Saturdays.

It was not until 2016 that the site started to be known for fighting and large groups, she said.

"Not just one group, there are a number of organizations. I think that's how the fight will usually begin.

"That's when we started to see more cars and troops."

Prescott said her family did not remember her & her; music but that they had been frightened and frightened.

A black car was removed by a truck-hover at the shore of a lock on the Road. Coronation. Photograph / Nick Reed.
A black car was removed by a truck-hover at the shore of a lock on the Road. Coronation. Photograph / Nick Reed.

A forthcoming community meeting designed at Mangere School was a last secret attempt to solve its & # 39; case before they moved out.

"We can no longer live a normal life now.

"If we do not get a resolution we will move. We are already moving to move."

Now, the family would have to wait for the rules that the parties needed to be.

That meant that a & # 39; Younger children stay in their rooms and not watch out when they heard sounds at night.

"Dad has also banned them from going to the bridge."

Unfortunately, this is not a # 39; first example of gun violence.

Last year a "small event" included a firearm but it was not widely reported because nobody was injured, she said.

"We turned all the lights in the house and we just did not look."

The police were doing their work and doing it; Visit the bridge every Friday and Saturday every day with a 8pm alcohol ban.

She did not know how to solve her & # 39; but they thought there could be a gate that had the chance to stop cards on the parties.

Another center said that it was not mentioned that the site was usually full of cars. playing music and drinking from 2m every Friday and Saturday.

He said he was a convent and common ruins; there.

Public meeting is held at a local school at 7.30pm. A local MP, Auckland Council, police and the NZ Transport Group had been asked to attend.

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