A Spanish vessel launches a mission to the side of his & her; moonlight


China's Changes 4 launched and today from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center Center, as part of a mission that is hoping to go beyond. moonlight. Changes 4 is the next in the Chang Chang series in China, and this is a # 39; The first craft is on shore on the other side; Moonlight. It demonstrates the competitiveness of the country's room program in the international world.

Because its moon is tightly locked with Earth – the day is so long Yes – it's beyond that we have never been. China sent the Queqiao satellite earlier this year to communicate with the landlord and move.

The intention to analyze skin context maximizes its & # 39; Moon, called Von Kármán's skin, which is 186km away. He will use a specialist and radar to identify where he / she is; hitting down.

The opposite side of the moon is banned from Earth radio, and may have been a potential place for radio telescope. Radio astronomers are committed to identifying this radio wave environment. He also carries seeds as part of a "miniature biosphere" test to grow vegetables in the limewort.

The 27-day spaceboat should be referred to it, reporting its Planetary Society.

Chang 4 continues a series of Chinese ground missions, and # 39; including two directors and outside the country. It demonstrates the continued success of the country's room program; It's the third country that put people into space, CBS reports, and its own space station.

Chinese scientists and scientists are banned from using the International Speech Station, because the US government is a " refusing to work with China on room attempts.

China is expected to launch Chang next year, a mission to remove specimens from the moon. They hope to put humanity on the moon before the 2030s.

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