A Spanish violin film The Mirage, released today, will open an interim conversation and a brain conversation, t


Definition: Spanish spinning film "The Mirage" Published today, it opens up a virtual conversation.

The Mirage officially published on the mainland on March 38

Sohu Entertainment News The new film "The Mirage", directed by the Spanish film master Oriol Paul, was in today's national theater and opened discussions about time and place. Before the publication, the film opened a number of road spots and road shows in many towns throughout the country, and achieved a great reputation.

With "Invisible Guest", Paul's director began the Spanish Suspense Master in China. The box office not only created the highest postal chart in Spain in China, but sent 8.8 points for Douban and 9.2 points for the Taobao fly. , cat's eyes 9.4 high score points. After a period of two years, Paul's new work “The Mirage” was updated on fraud and information rehabilitation, not only by combining his own experiences, but also having t I feel deeper than the previous one.

Discussion over time and space inspired the impact of the butterfly and delayed many parallel places. The listeners said: "The theory is extremely difficult to write, with many characters and ears. The context and commitment were always clear. It has been a shelter in various places and places. It is justified that the "butterfly effect" is likely to become smaller and smaller.The choice of life that has an influence on itself is the most important thing.

He's led a play for the classic “Heart Labyrinth”, “The Burst of Silence”, and the director of Qiankun, one of the main figures in the movie for the home, demanding "The Mirage": t "I have seen this film appealingly, from the intriguing film. From the film perspective, the film has expanded considerably into the sub-film type. Looks like The Mirage like a special adventure t making a choice between truth, emotion, love, and your own success.

"The Burning Brain King" Paul's work "The Mirage" was spread out today.Go back to Sohu and see more

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