A Spanish woman suffers from a dangerous alleviation after oral sex



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A Spanish woman was admitted to the hospital with a rare form of allergic reactions after a live form of speech by her friend in Alicante City, LiveScience.

The woman was every time she went away and that she was missing him and she had a little breath after she had made her oral sex with her male companion, according to the report. His wife was diagnosed with anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction throughout the body which may be life-threatening.

The woman had been very ill-treated and had not eaten any unusual food that could have been moved. But his companion was taking the amoxicillin antibiotic to get disease. Amoxicillin is associated with penicillin, and the lady told doctors that she had a strong allergy to this remedy.

It is most likely that an allergic reaction would be altered by amoxicillin which was targeted in a partner's seagull, which was open through oral sex.

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This was the first of the cases that could be caused by amoxicillin in the senate, authors of the investigation into the Alicante University General Hospital in Spain said.

The woman was treated to her sensory reactions, including epinephrine. His breathing difficulties gradually increased, and after six hours he breathed normally. A week later, it was recovered fully in line with the report.

Rare semen allergens are rare, but have been reported previously. In some cases, women are searching for male semen proteins but in other cases it appears that they have an allergy to the remedies that they are making and aiming at their ashes.

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