A special source of Ismaili for the Òles became a brilliant result of Muhammed and Mitwali of a African List


Will Ismaili will keep her at # 39; sells his stars during January? Darwish fans are a question about half a month of the movement season.

Although the club has not released a African team list even though they are preparing for a League of African Lists, some believe that the administration is abandoning other stars and are not included in the team's list as they are selling.

"Mahmoud Metwally and Bahar al-Mohammadi have an Afghanistan Ismaili list," said an official source within Ismaili, who was unnamed, in response to FilGoal.com.

"There is no surprise in the Ismaili list, and the player does not leave any player during this time, especially under the team's position."

"There are also some young people who are responsible for the team over the next few months."

Ismaili meets Le Mansagir Ngozi from Burundi in the Afghan Palace League tour.

Ismaili is preparing to attack war output on Wednesday, 15th league of Egypt, before moving to Burundi on November 24 to play the game on November 28.

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