A specialist, Maharaj Hospital, tells about the results "He helps to reduce heart disease."


21 March 62 – Faculty of Tropical Medicine University of Mahāria And the Influenza Education Promotion Foundation held a conference on "A VISIT: Assoc can die of flu unless it is authorized in 7 risk groups". Cardiologist and Depute Director of Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital Commenting on the results of the research Infection to have flu is reduced by what is seen in a patient with physical hard disease. So recommending a flu vaccine For risk group patients, once a year, every year with the effectiveness of influenza vaccines Although the prevention of flu is not banned. But it can reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke by 36 per cent, including examining the benefits of vaccines in heart patients.

1. The person getting the vaccine, 21 per cent of all patients in the survey The vaccination group will have a much lower death rate. 1. Be capable of significantly reducing the death rate at 1 and 3. The return rate to hospital will be reduced. Both from heart reasons And for the whole reason But the barrier to getting flu vaccine is that the level of immunization is low. A survey of patients with hearts aged 18 and over at the Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, a total of 21.3 patients, received only 18.3 per cent of seasonal vaccines. And a total of 63.3 per cent had never been immunized. The main reason is that doctors do not recommend vaccines (81 per cent), which are not recommended by the media.

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