"A stadium for the U is a commitment and I met it"


Carlos Heller, blue blue president, said he was passionate about the institution. "If it was my responsibility, we would have one (stadium) for 50 thousand people."

The Chinese University on Thursday delivered its first five fixes. In the days ahead Argentines should be officially made Sergio Vittor, Nicolás Oroz and Lucas Aveldaño.

In the reception and conference of the new blue players Carlos Heller, who returned to describe his & her; a big dream on the blue platform, hopefully.

"I have a commitment and I will achieve it: stadium for the U.. It is not easy. People say that one of steam is clean. I wanted to make a stadium on the U, I still want to do it. If it was my responsibility, we would have one for 50,000 people", the businessman launched La Tercera newspaper.

"It depends on outside things, because no one wants to get a stadium for U. Someday Choileanaidh I and there, maybe I, with the blade built, and perhaps with the Copa Libertadores … the people and I: I put the Blue Dream, which helps many people with disabilities, I do not know how long I can save money in the U. I've been laughed and I'm having a lot of challenge from my family for what I'm going through, "he said. .

Heller also spoke about his passion and love to the place. "If I was reasonable, I should not lose other penalties, people who criticize me, but do not understand their passion, I'm going to to a meeting and do not believe I'm losing money, that is why they asked me "why are you there? "I think this is because I like the U. It is totally unreasonable."

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