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The Netherlands played a Monday with Germany in the League of Nations 0: 2, but in the last minutes they got two goals.

At 2: 2, their captain and even the administrator Virgil van Dijk, who had been playing in Liverpool since the beginning of the year, were the same.

It was even more important than the end of the game when the Roman referee wanted to lose Ovidia Hategan on the field.

At the time of German with Holland, he learned that his mother had died.

Van Dijk came after Hategan after the last whistle He took his hand and caught him. In the Voetbal International magazine, he said:

"Tell me the judge that he had learned about his mother's death. He broke off and started shouting. I was stolen and told him he was very good for a whistle . It's a bit a bit but I hope it'll help him a bit. "

Hategan learned about his mother's death when he reached a trick room during half-time breakdown.

Kolegovia was given him a respite, and Romàinia decided to keep his game on, although a fourth referee could be a place, which is usually the case. Representing, for example, in a major injury case. Several world media have written about its internal power.

Van Dijk also received sympathy, with a second minute anti-breeding well over a few days. On Friday before a game with France (2: 0) he passed

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