A stone that despite a fawn farmer for drug work in Baarle-Nassau NOW


For a great deal of drugs found in his garden two years ago, Tuesday was one year in prison against a 44-year-old farmer from Baarle-Nassau. Half of the sentence is expressed.

According to the procurator, the farmer is sorry to do the drugs, although the accused person says he did not know anything about it and was not willing to go to the police because it was at risk.

The drug list was found in a barn in January 2017, after the water treatment plant in Baarle-Nassau was broken because of the introduction of drug waste to the sewage.

According to the police, a pace was made for two years. The police believe that at least 4,000 kilometers of purest amphetamine (without cutting) are made, and account of 400 million speed lines.

It is suspected that a shed was rented

Wilco de F. suspects that he has put the empty shed into a furniture maker. Argwaan did not get it but in the summer of 2016 a pistol was put on his head when he met two men in the garden.

For the safety of his wife & # 39; children, he had to keep his mouth closing and staying away, let the men go away. He cried, he said to her; Tuesday morning he was not willing to go to the police. "I did not know any more."

The public prosecutor does not believe that a farmer did not know De F.'s dad about the drug work. "It was not known in detail or to the lawyer but he said", said in court in Breda.

According to lawyer Mark Broere, the cause is at risk of not committing penalties. "The story is not about its fear, it's a real honor."

The judge names 12 February.

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