A story about Silvina Varas's gift to Ignacio Lastra … She turned off when they returned. Tell me more


A few days ago, Ignacio Lastra and Silvina Varas were confirmed to prove … And the concepts were at present.

Although many believed that it was a messenger; on Silvina's part and believing she was "hanging" from the young man. Most of her congratulations on her & # 39; couple to give them a new chance.

And so it's been, the two look happy at each picture and video that they are. posted on their Instagram Stories.

There is so much satisfaction that even two partners and Nacho did the best things to do. It's about Julia Fern√°ndez and Lisandra Silva. The two spoke to Mega in the Copihue de Oro and were happy about the arrangement.

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Remember that this couple was created before they became famous. Ignacio and Silvina had 6 months of pole when they went into the Black Prize.

Unfortunately, they left the cover, but a year later they talked again and decided to return.

Due to this story that connects the nutrition student's decision to tell a story about his gift to the true child; For more than two years ago: key in Superman format.

Silvina told her to throw her into the patio when they were in the program, but then she returned. now He took it back to take her everywhere.

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