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Burmese's love for football is so devastating to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia … So, to get a ticket to the garden, Thuwunna teacher coach, Antoine Hey compared to age. Cong Congu, Quang Hai, Xuan Truong on afternoon 20-11 … it's not easy.

From the SEA 2013 Games, for the first time Myanmar started to; hosting international football events. After more than 40 years of hosting to any competitions, fans here are here; begin to get used to it. The range to encourage the home team. "It's fun, proud of Myanmar people." Soccer has always been calm in our country, especially when people just protest for the strongest teams in the country. "Thaw Zen, the taxi driver who was with this writer in Myanmar in the three SEA 2013 Games, AFF Suzuki Cup 2016 and now AFF Cup 2018 – division.

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Myanmar fans are very orderly when they are buying tickets to see Vietnam's league battle on late November 20

Due to the 18-11 football defiance, when the official Myanmar Football Association official tickets began to meet its Vietnam Vietnam, thousands of fans started to going up despite her hot sun hoping to get tickets to the stadium. According to Myanmar Football Association, as well as 2,400 tickets for Vietnam fans, every 29,000 tickets will be sold directly at several locations across Yangon.

It is indicative that Thuwunna Stadium's ticket sales venue attracted many local ticket fleets to come in and use enough to collect tickets. According to Thaw Zen, he published that all 10 people connected to the Thuwunna court have 7 people; obtaining tickets. The original price of each ticket is 5,000 kyat (about 70,000 VND), the ticket hands the offer will be sold at 8,000-10,000 kyat, which is twice as high. Compared to Vietnam, each Malay match matched ticket was shifted a few days ago for 1.8-2.5 million / pair for a C-D state, which is 6-10 times higher than real value. The Myanmar team feels less in Vietnam when Antoine Hey's coach won two games after him and group A.

"The fences are the people who live around the Thuwunna courtyard, and their family are very poor, so they have to make a living, and for each international football match, they are & # 39; calling the whole house, collecting the papers and even some. It's something that Myanmar people will never buy the black market ticket to buy the difference With its price too unreasonable, so sellers do not sell black market tickets Just the most reasonable, so if fans are too busy to get up, They will buy tickets for the supporters, "said Thaw Zen.

Vietnam's trip suffering from water

Initially familiar with its & # 39; garden in Myanmar, just for a Thuwunna court to play for training in the 18-11-11, the Vietnamese team returned to water, almost never stopped the training session.

The Coriral team decided to delay its use to 17 hours, so when there was water, the crew left directly to get involved. Quoc Ngoc Hai, played well in a 2-0 win over Malay, said: "At this time, the team is very comfortable and confident. A south-east Asian stadium with A big spectacle such as Maylaysia or Indonesia can be familiar with playing the pressure of the audience of hospitality. Importantly, we need to demonstrate the true potential and self belief. "

"They have good young players and there are six points ahead of Vietnam." The upcoming game may be one definitive for each side. "I played some of the opponents of Myanmar strike at the AFF Cup in 2016. We need to learn more about Myanmar in the past."


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Articles and photographs: Anh Dung (from Yangon)

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