A story without two kinds of Viet "Hi", Viet Trinh


"Showbiz does not have a human spirit", "artists often have close relationship with artists" … cold statements that leave suspicion of the audience are suspicious, motivated.

Vinh Hung Story Dam, each idol Diva Thanh Lam, who moved to style as well as a funny supporter, who has become one of the two stories of the technology of the two stars. first of all. But just one sentence, of course, simple Thanh Lam, the "hard" feedback about Mr … A deep deep hole can be split between the two together.

A story about two special loves for Viet Huong, Viet Trinh - Picture 1.

Singers Thanh Lam and Dam Vinh Hung when they are interesting

No Phuong Thanh Sea – Mr Damage every time, but the disaster has taken away friendship. And even though they are the same level, sing the same song, they are still incomers, and do not hope to settle their relationship as it is; that year.

But, as well as the stories are unhappy, the artists are closer to the members of the family, who share the beautiful smell, and their ears; featured in the arts.

Viet Huong – Hoang Mon: Sometimes you move

There is nothing to do, Viet Huong and Hoang Mon have to go to; match them. Mu the name, Hoang Mon looks slower than Viet Huong. But this couple's friendship is occasionally surrounded by colleagues who are in the process of doing so. shut up as a "love" to each other that they like friends.

No-one knew that the death of Mrs. Huong's mother suddenly, and her grandmother died in 100 days, one with one, with the Hoang Moi standing by her and leaving her Viet Huong a & # 39; away from the United States to Vietnam.

A story about two special loves for Viet Huong, Viet Trinh - Picture 2.

Vietnam artist Huong and Hoang Mon.

Speaking about this, Huang wrote: "We played together from a school film playhouse with a series of talents such as: Suit Cuong, Cao Minh Dat, Thuy Nga … From the first year, He's been running the show with Huu Nghia to make money, all Viet Huong dozens of lunch, dark coffee. That relationship was very simple. On the day Viet Huong rises to the throne, she became one of the best female actors in the country and abroad, with almost eight names. … Viet Huong is a very inconvenient and sensible.

According to the name, Viet Huong was unhappy for me to give me the "My Choice" film, but when she agreed it seemed to accept the disadvantages, a & # 39; leaving many exhibits full of money, My heart is going to & # 39; you play.

The most valuable thing is the real ideas, from the rise of script, co-financed ways to improve the scientific films, or create fascinating situations … Viet Huong looks so straightforward with a concern for spirit his son. Viet Huong also had a great deal of interest for many people to get upset, as the name of the star was starless as a Viet Huong.

The couple "gay" Viet Trinh – Chau Tho

I do not know because it is too close together, or because of the reader's readers that the website has a strong hand to describe the loyalty of both. In part, the Chau Tho scriptwriter just raised children from throughout the year, Viet Trinh is also a single mother, and so this collection was just heard as real. In particular, the series of films of two has collaborated as: Tran Duyen areas, Background 1 – 2, Marriage for my spouse … very successful on screen.

A story about two special loves for Viet Huong, Viet Trinh - Picture 3.

Actor Trinh and Chau Tho in his position.

Their coherence on the roads makes the film more secure. In fact, their relationship goes back to time; Breeze, when Viet Trinh was a star in the film when he was a magazine leader in Vietnam. Before the waves of winds, Viet Trinh often gets the amazing region of journalists, more or more prettier in the & # 39; contract.

As a result, the good route from a Buddhist route has a greater impact on Trinh to draw the scriptwriter to the movie by making the movie away in India, Nepal. This is a time when both of them are both letters and truth, because not only do they work together in the art to make a good movie, but they also a & # 39; Count how to send tickets, & # 39; sell discs good.

When the world is a producer, Viet Trinh is also familiar with the way he has been a leader. The strength of the script is at one side, Viet Trinh is benefiting "acting" of a star, and # 39; Collaborate quickly and become a challenge for any studio.

After seeing the two co-operation on the filming site, they saw each other interacting with each other in their thoughts and actions. If Viet Trinh describes the way in which he is You could just go on the set, Chau Tho in the hotel to drop a record, every day to write a movie description. The face-to-face, the back shoulder behave a whole team with more than 50 people.

As past days, the relationship grew closer. They both went to the west, together with a house on a high platform, showing their connection.

Viet Trinh is very proud to say about his relationship: "We have one thing in common as a love of art." When two sisters sit together, there are ideas that are in place; In contrast, a complex feeling is one by one. For me, Chau is like a sister, a friend even a teacher not only in art but also in life. "

Nguyen Van Chung – Vu Quoc Binh: deep secret for the youth to the throne

In a music business, Nguyen Van Chung's friendship – Vu Quoc Binh is not as different as other couples. On his brother's day, Vu Quoc Binh, he had many effects, such as: My own, a dream about my brothers, a & # 39; Pray for forgiveness, as soon as you can. grew Nguyen Van Chung. Uncertainly with a series of songs: A & A moon; crying, winter is not cold, Rainy Road, bamboo peeled leaves, warm thorns wind. Two musicians with two different styles but similar to the change in the arts.

A story about two special loves for Viet Huong, Viet Trinh - Picture 4.

Vu Quoc Binh – Nguyen Van Chung.

Nguyen Van Chung is in love with Vu Quoc Binh and Vu Quoc Binh in love with Nguyen Van Chung. An old child who addresses her & her; The music market is full of trouble and bad chaos, but they find a beautiful look for each other for the song directed by musicians.

In uncertain times, Nguyen Van Chung has his style design, Vu Quoc Binh is the idea, and # 39; promotion and general promotion. The style of her mother's writing and the way in which she is very different from others, has a huge victory in every music market. Since then listening to the prize to find the name Nguyen Van Chung. And from this advantage, a "couple" has been quietly expressing their intention to & # 39; holding a live free presentation for students.

The image of Nguyen Van Chung was growing with each display, and the Vu Quoc Binh image broke in the background, and moving from the star singer, the voice of sound light, to measure the frequency of the audience regularly with the appropriate things for a program that has respected many people.

Speaking about the "warrior" in front of this, Nguyen Van Chung said: "Their understanding is as good as the way it deals with a bit just, but it's a very useful for young people. As Chung, rarely goes back to the backdrop, ready to create positive situations for the young people to count, such as Vu Quoc Binh, a big storm, this is where We help to improve our lives and succeed in art. "

Theo Lu Dac Long


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