A strange life in the woman 71-year-old who may not be pain


She was not uncomfortable when she gave birth and it is difficult to find in a serious problem. Some of the media are already calling her “the happiest woman in the world”. She also sets out her negative position: she has been suddenly choked without recognition and when she burns cooking, she just finds the smell of burnt meat.

He is a 71 year old British man that it does not feel that there is any pain as a result of genetic variation It also gets no worries or fears, as published on Thursday. British Journal of Anesthesia.

Jo Cameron, who lived in Scotland, understood at 65 that she was different when she was not the doctors can believe that he did not need analysis when he was feeling pain after one hard work.

Despite the fact that the experts have warned him that he will suffer uncomfortable suffering. All patients ask for strong skin pulses such as survival to make pain. She didn't complain.

His guide, Devjit Srivastava, could not believe what he had seen and sent to geneticists at London University College (UCL) and the University of England in Oxford, which studied genetic training that prevented Cameron from feeling pain.

These experts received a remarkable change in sexual variation, which is not entirely capable of producing normal genes. The researchers called it FAAH-OUT, but they also found that Cameron had a mutation in another gene that is ruling the FAAH enzyme, the publication is adding.

The FAAH gene is very well known for doctors who examine male pain it is essential in the sensory process to feel pain, memory and feelings. Researchers have studied a laboratory study that mice not on the FAAH gene have noticed lower pain and a reduced level of anxiety.

According to Cameron's notes for the media, in his life he had no pain in his life, for example, that he suffered no burning, and realized that he was hurt when he gave bitter meat. And he noted that the wounds were healing fast.

He was also connected, not wanting to be brave Never be botheredeven in dangerous situations like a recent traffic incident. "I had no idea that something was unusual in a few years. I thought it was normal"Cameron told the media."

“I look back and understand that I didn't need pillars for pain but If you don't need them, you don't have a question why", Cameron featured in statements to the Queen BBC.

"I was just a soul happy that he didn't understand that I had something different"The Briton added," she was feeling pain when she was born. "It was very strange but I didn't feel a pain. "It was very nice," he said.

This setting, which he explained, also impacts on his mental circumstances. "I'm very happy, which sometimes annoy people. You only understand but it is strange when people talk about it"In this regard, he also pointed out plans for up to 120 years t as there is no concern or concern, the factors it considers to be “the main cause of death”.

Doctor James Cox, UCL and one of the authors of the article said the researchers said the pensioner had a "special generator" which reduces gene activity.

"Now that we have found out how this new generation generator is working, we hope to make further progress in new medicines."Against pain, Cox explained.

Experts have also shown that there may be more people with the same genetic guidance, and they have asked anyone who does not feel pain to tell the researchers.

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