A strife in Brno about an yogurt. There was one in hospital! VIDEO


On Sunday, the center worker looked at the cameras with two men running through the subway. "It was obvious that there was a stranger to buy a arms that escaped to one of thirty-seven, eliminating a busy road to a car park near Křenova Police Station," said the spokesman Tereza Kadrnožková.

The 30-year-old man dropped into the land fifty and five, and was excavated. Then he hit it in the head. After the last raid, the man lay on the ground.

"The invasion of the purchase was captured quickly and fled to the shopping center in Dornoch Street, where there was a police policemen, and no other visitor even a minute after the attack on the injured person and asked his rescuers to hospital, "said Kadrnožková S-

Then the attack besieged the two familiar. The police officers kept the three men up. They got a pack full of iogurt. "They were subsequently passed to state police for suspicion of crime," Kadrnožková added.

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