A study will analyze information cuts in & # 39; Kuciak murder case


The police came to survey documents.

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Bratislava. Finally, the police began to deal with the spread of fragile information from the investigation regarding the murder of Ján Kuciak and Martina Kušníř.

It also took steps to make sure that more information missing from the search file does not appear; happening in the future.

"In terms of the steps taken, we will not speak," the media department said on police leadership.

He just did not prove that they investigated the situation. Afterwards, they put forward the documents they submitted for the next Internal Ministry scrutiny.

Journalism in newspapers

Now before being suspicious of a murder of a journalist and his wife, journalists received details of the planned work.

Shortly after printing, the accused parts of the accused Zoltan Andruskó were released.

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A & # 39; His first statement that Marian Kočner, a mafia businessman, could have been murdered.

So, the statements about planning more murder, and # 39; General Office Deputy Petr Šufliarsky Office.

The media was then reported to the fact that the old SIS, Petra Tóth, was released, who could be a lawyer.

Many experts, in early November, have confirmed to SMEs that this is a serious problem that could harm the research. However, the investigation did not disturb himself.

They did not act, they did

She has already confirmed that she is acting. "We are really involved in this issue and we are doing all the steps we need to clarify," said the media department.

The Ministry, under the Ministry of Justice, addresses the suspected crimes. However, the information may also escape from the office of the procurator, the lawyers or court that ruled his / her; blamed.

However, all those involved here refuses to & # 39; pushing If you were a cop or a complainant; there would be a disciplinary action. In a big case, he can not be a crime of justice anxiety only.

The people under suspicion of Kuciak and Kushnira were murdered on September 27th. since then they are in custody. The journalist died, according to the search results, ordered by Alena Szuszová, who was in love with Kočner. Again, taxes were not made.

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