A successful cross with Burmese


11/19/2018, 06:01
(GMT + 7)

AFF Cup participants from Vietnam and Myanmar both in the U19 tournament came from Asia four years ago, when Myanmar was hosting.

Aung Thu is the most famous Myanmar football player over the years

The U19 2014 Asian Cup has been a great success for Myanmar as an Out-of-the-End Asian Outdoor in the final, and the U20 World Cup won in 2015. The team is well on their way to Myanmar. Championship with key players. From the SEA 2015 and 2017 Games or AFF Cup 2014, 2016, the Aung Thu, Nanda Kyaw or Maung Maung Soe are the leading driver of the national team.

As well as the 2018 AFF Cup, it is anticipated that the U19 2014 rugby players will have the lead role of Antoine Hey. Out of the 15 players in the U23 war in Myanmar this year, six years ago have made history.

Certainly, the U19 in 2014 is also a cradle for Vietnamese main beginners. If there are 6 people in Myanmar, Vietnam has even seven names to compete in the country, such as Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong, Quang Hai, Tien Dung, Hong Duy, Van Toan, Van Duc.

Both Vietnam and Myanmar have traditionally trained young people, and are always the amazing young teams. The same difference between the two teams, not only the U19 2014 in Vietnam continues to be in & # 39; putting the U19 staff in 2016, such as the Dinh Trong middle park, Van Hau defender, and Tien Dung guardian, Myanmar does not. For this time, Vietnam has been successful in a number of major competitions recently, such as U23 Asia 2018, ASIAD 2018, and is not an enemy.

The event in Yangon on November 20 did not meet not only the organization of A, but also the reconstruction between its & # 39; Congregation with Aung Thu, there are two talents who are interested in both countries. It was anticipated that Gong Feng once, but under the hands of a Park Hang-co coach, was reinforced in football to think, and now the factor is causing his highest rider on the line. Aung Thu, on the other hand, is older and older, has emigrated to play football, but his colleagues have failed to compete territorial.

The Vietnam team and the Myanmar team are almost at the same time starting. At last AFF Coup, they were removed from their & # 39; final. The time is given to both countries to have a high and low division again, to see who is there; The development of young players is the only number in the south east of Asia over the years.


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