A suggestion to review the police in Chuong My area


Hanoi Chair allowed the Town Police to review Chuong My District's District duties in relation to the inspection process and to deal with cases of 10-year-old girls in the area.

This content is announced in the advertisement of the results of the meeting to review the results of the first quarter of the Cityowners' Committee, chaired by President Hanoi Nguyen Duc Chung.

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Nguyen Trong Trinh will be on the road to bring victims to a banana garden

Earlier on Tuesday 22 March, Hanoi Town Police decided that the decision to lodge a prosecution against the case would be prosecuted against the accused at a "criminal charge". under 16 years of age "and to commit crime to" persons under 16 years old "by Nguyen Trong Trinh (SN 1988, Hoa Chinh commune, Chuong My).

Inspection documents, dated 24 February, found that Cuong My Area Police Department received a report from the family of Mr and Mrs Quyen. a stranger was attacking her in a banana garden in Hoang Dieu commune.

On the same day, the local police suspected of Nguyen Trong Trinh for a short time. The proof of active abuse caused by baby Q. The reason for the inflammatory caused by baby Q. The diminutive hand, the cracked bones, the genetic valleys, the fever of fever, caused her to fail.

On 6 March, the charge was brought to court by "Dealing with people under 16", released on bail and using measures to prevent the ban from leaving the area. residence.

On the 18th of March the CSDT Police Department of Hanoi City ordered the CQĐT of the Town Police to find out about the members who were joining the Chuong My District Police Division for inspection.

The next day, Chuong the police changed my area to me in measures of detention, they took two months to arrest him. On the same day, the matter was taken to CSDT by Hanoi Police Division to continue investigation and processing.

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Hanoi City VKSND has just decided to change the decision to complain against the case, opposing the accused Nguyen Trong Trinh from the crime "Under age people" 16 years to condemn the “conviction” of people under 16 years of age. T

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