A Swedish hospital is experiencing one of the patients among Ebola suspicion


COPENHAGEN – A Swedish hospital has reported that the death of Ebola's deadly virus was reported, Friday officials said the patient has been extremely remote.

The Uppsala Department, which is head of a number of hospitals and medical clinics north of Stockholm, says that the patient has not been tested, unmarked, and that the result would be available at the end of the re- Friday.

In his comment, Region Uppsala said he was so long "but something in suspicion," saying "other diseases are very good."

He did not say where the patient died, but the Swedish TT journalist said the patient had returned from a trip to Burundi three weeks ago and did not visit any department with his & # 39; Ebola virus.

The authorities said that the Enkoping hospital was first injected when the emergency room was closed and the staff who had a & # 39; "treating the patient" in care. The patient was relocated to an uppsala clinic of disease.

"The patient came in on a Friday morning and said that he was going to be a sign of Ebola disease," said hospital speaker Mikael Kohler, local newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning. It was not immediately available for further consideration.

At this time the Eastern Congo is attacking Ebola. All of Africa's main emphasis has been, although remote issues have been reported beyond the continent. The pandemic virus virus is spread by talking to the physically ill patients who are infected.

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