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The person who is later taking the court with the death Paula Perassi (34) occurred in the city of Santa Fe de San Lorenzo in 2011 and its body was never found, which presented the life imprisonment request for the four main objectors, and penalties between 16 6 and 16 years for the five police officers who investigated the matter.

At the opening of the oral and public trial, the procurator fiscal Donato Trotta he was tried Gabriel Strumia, to his wife Roxana Michl, to your staff Antonio Díaz and the midwife Mirta Ruñisky told women to have died and been banned without consent after death, and he asked that they should be sentenced to prison.

An application was made to unveil the public proctor in Penal Justice Center in Rosary, where he also requested a conviction for 16 years of imprisonment for the police. investigation of the case (Jorge Krenz, Gabriel Godoy, Aldo Gómez and María José Galtelli), for which he accused him was what it was to deceive, questionable questioning and the destruction of evidence.

A Perassi corpse never appeared.

Finally, he asked for a penalty of six years in prison for covering the former police chief in San Lorenzo, Adolfo Puyol. According to what was said yesterday by the procurator fiscal, Perassi left his house in the town of San Lorenzo, located 27 kilometers from Rosario, near 22 on Sunday 18 September 2011, an hour after phone. from telecentre huts, having tried to find homework for one of their two children.

The procurator fiscal's theory is that this claim was made by defendant Strumia, who maintained an extramarital relationship with Perassi, to evict her from her home. According to the survey, Paula was six weeks pregnant with Strumia and she had made a decision. "Conversely, Strumia was struggling in her house " t and with his attendants, including his right hand and driver, Antonio Díaz, "she set her in a car and proceeded to the deceitful midwife's house, Martyr Ruñisky, in the town of Timbúes, where she became desperately obliged in her death. tthe treasurer, the Perthuri's body never appeared.

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