A team and a gun speak, creditors are killed


Wednesday, November 28, 2012 14:57 PM (GMT + 7)

Accepting that creditors have a " spread out, saying they have no success, the boy carries guns to talk to his wife instead of a woman. As a result, one woman later died, two were injured.

On November 28, Tien Giang police said they had been involved in their decision making; defeated the accused and arrested him for four months for Tran Hoang Giang (31, who lived in the Commit My Tinh, Cho Choo Area). , due to the death of one person, killed two others.

The victim was identified as Phan Thi Kim Quyen (age 35); Le Tuan Phong (age 30) and Le Minh Quan (age 28), along with Cho Choo Gao.

According to its first inspection, on 11-11, after drinking wine, an argument was made with her; wife Le Thi Deu as she thought that Quyen Flip flops still had an interest although he had no previous interest. Sgian Giang with her home Quyen who quit her and then her & her; leaving home to sleep.

About 17 hours on the same day, Quyen sent Phong, Quan and two other young people to Jiang's house to "talk". The Quyen family argued with his wife, Jiang took a gun to run out. When Quyen had knives and guns, Giang added five scenes in the group. As a result, Ms Quyen later died in hospital; Feng, wounded soldiers are forced out.

Garages and guns are going to & # 39; Speaking, creditors are killed - 1

Number of tools to support the captured police

* Air 28-11, Co-Phoo Police put on two suspects who are illegitimate stores, & # 39; It is Nguyen Quoc Canh (age 20) and Ha Thai Bao (19 years old, and living in Dang Hung commune). Pouch District, Co Gao area.

According to its first information, July 2018, through the Facebook social network, Canh has bought some weapons, support tools. After that, Scenes created a personalized account of Facbook to sell many images of support tools. Sawyer who split a gungun with a box, 2 football, an electric torch, 2 coins of 3 pieces and then sold. When preparing to deliver the material to their Police, the Police were arrested and the collection of weapons, all support devices. The police have tools, tools to support 30 customers selling in direct purchasing or delivery in a car.

Similarly, from September to 2018, Bao has been sold to 10 customers across the country.

Two police officers captured a ballistic brown gun, a delivery box, a spiritual pepper spirit, an electric flame, three sticks, three sticks, a knife, two knives and a sword. a long tube, 1 electric bar with more than 844 gas sales …

Lai Quang Quang, fired man and wife of Dien Bien

Surveyors have found a deadlock that triggered the 3 dead shooting in the Dien Bien division.

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