A team of researchers have been completing Lego's pieces in the science name


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A team of doctors preserved parts of Lego to see how long they will take them through his / her; body.

And the results, published in the magazine that are often luminous in the Journal of Pedal-children and Children's Health, should be encouraging for parents to be worried about their children to catch small beads, According to the researchers.

The six medical healthcare professionals from the Do not Forget The Bubbles website, based in the United Kingdom and Australia, each one who completes the Lego character end and quantifies how long & and he had killed his body.

Small toys are usually the only one that swallowed up in children after the finances, according to researchers, but little research was made on the subject.

The team came with two measurements called the name for the test: the score of Stool Hardness And Transit (Shat), to measure the stability of the stools, and the Found And Save (Fart), to find out how long & # 39; and led Lego's head to pass.

The average score of Fart is 1.7 days, although one of the six ones was missing and never turned, despite the researcher who was missing; quiz his stool for two weeks.

None of the team reported adverse effects or pain from the test, and the unsuccessful scores suggested that the presence of their stool's comedy was not affected.

The inspection concluded: "The subject of a toy will pass through adult subjects without any difficulty. This will give parents confidence, and the authors who recommend that they should not to expect any parent to be found with their child's eels to verify things. "

At the end, the team recognizes that the "hard science" surveyed was only "a bit fun when it was up to Xmas."

They note, as a result of the small amount of specimens, and the topics in the study are instead of adults, "it is important not to pass the data to a full population of Lego" robbers " .

Researchers wanted to emphasize that people should not be checked at home again – and parents should contact a doctor if they are worried about anything that the child has swallowed them.

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