A teenager trying to attack drivers with a zombie knife to avoid jail | London


A teenager saw a zombie knife trying to avoid a prison driver.

Joshua Gardner was given a wrong sentence, as the judge said, was stolen just weeks before.

The horrible video was filming on a busy street at Croydon when people went around the day.

Gardner's injuries were captured on a dashcam drive of a vehicle; travel the other.

Gardner's police officer recognizes a previous conviction for trying to make robbery.

This event was very terrifying for viewers – travelers. Gardner told him that his behaviors were so bad at the street that brought the public to frighten their personal safety

– Crime and Crown Service

The photo that was widely circulated in the media, which showed that Gardner tried to style & # 39; Zombie was extremely shocking to Croydon's communities and on her. the public.

He had decided on that day for any reason that he would attack this man and sent this knife away to members of the public, some of whom had finished the work or their children from school.

The conviction and sentence sentence will add that the police do not accept the mind that Gardner seems to accept – the use of a right knife impediment to resolve small differences.

– Constellate Constable Aaron Champion, Evaluation Police

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