A tender contract came for 44,000 nurses across British Columbia


Health Employee Association and B.C. A Nurse Unit negotiation group has released an agreement to 44,000 provincial nurses.

The agreement is under B.C. interconnection of sustainable government services that include a general salary increase of two per cent annually of a three year agreement in 2019.

The mandate also allows the negotiation of the possibility of reconciliation funding, but information about the agreement will not be issued until a validation poll is made.

The tensioning case is a & # 39; covering registered nurses, practical psychiatric and licensing nurses working in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home support and mental health facilities.

A unified spokesman says that there will be confirmation of voters about the division until 21st January and the results are expected to be published by 22.

The government says in a press release that nearly 155,000 public sector workers are covered by strict or certified agreements under the order of stable services.

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