A terrible report warns of the bad danger of wearing red meat


A group of experts warned through a new study of risk of using red meat.

Argentina is one of the countries in which there is a " Most are lost meat red In fact, the main kind is meat which we are choosing Argentine when they are & # 39; animal protein. But a group of researchers now have warned of the dangers that could be created.

The survey was provided by experts from the Lerner Research Institute, which belonged to the clinic in Cleveland, the United States. Then it was decided that the rest of red meat could have a big impact.

Experts said that the increase in this type of meat causes the increase of the trimethylamine (TMAO) N-oxide chemical in the blood, and this is just linked to cardiovascular disease.

This material, known as TMAO, is created when it is caught, with intestinal bacteria, and most of it is infected. It comes from the nutrients that are in red meat. The decision was made through a clinical trial of 113 people, both men and healthy women, and examined the effects of this type of meat.

People who often use red meat, TMAO levels have three times higher than those with a diet that are rich in white meat or protons of vegetables. The good thing about this is that the levels of material are significantly reduced when this type of diet is abandoned.

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