a terrorist storm and Argentine social networking


Thelma Fardín, in the video in which she broke Juan Darthés (Photo Prensa Libre: YouTube).
Thelma Fardín, in the video in which she broke Juan Darthés (Photo Prensa Libre: YouTube).

Around 400 women met a Tuesday at the Multiteatro, inside Argentina, showing the support for actress Thelma Fardin.

Fardin was part of the series Duckling Hedgehog, a representation that was also notified in Latin America. Ann, his athlete's competitors to the & # 39; Brazilian Juan Darthés.

At that time, at the age of 16, Dardés was convicted of Fardin, as she recognized at a news conference held at the Multitheater, based on a route stream in Buenos Aires.

Fardín stated that the event took place when the photograph in Nicaragua was part of a section tour – too was a date in Guatemala-.

"For 9 years I have made it possible to move forward," explained the actress. "Thanks to someone who speaks, and I can talk today."

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In a video, which was released today, he gave his certificate to the Fellowship and his sad details about what happened to that night with Darthés.

The news is spread very quickly. The Argentines Actrices joined the Multiteatro to support Fardín. In social networks, on the other hand, many women came together with the label # NoNosCallamosMore and #MiraComoNosPonemos.

With that havehtag, a number of women around the world made a close expression to the actress and they revealed some of the emergency issues that they suffered.

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